Two merchant Street mutual grudge put a coffin urn police arrested 5 people (Figure)

Two merchant Street mutual grudge put a coffin urn police arrested 5 people (Figure) original title: Guangxi two commercial street cross swing coffin and urn grudge the police arrested 5 people for the street placed in the coffin. CEN Jing photo Beijing, Nanning, October 10 (Wang Gang Mo Feimin) Guangxi Wuzhou Merchants Merchants in the stall next door to see out the Urn "g", a huff servant carries a coffin on the street "resolve", resulted in a panic. October 10th, Wuzhou, Cenxi police disclosed that a total of 5 people were detained. Cenxi police, October 7th at 4 pm, Cenxi City Public Security Bureau, Xintang police station received a report that someone in Xintang street by the coffin deliberately out of the way, caused some social panic, asked the police deal with. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene disposal, found the coffin has been removed. Learned to understand the scene of the masses, in Xintang Street operating a dental shop Lin Mouhui, had a problem with the front door because of the front door booth occupancy. A few days ago, the next one is for businesses to put the dead ashes in the ceramic pot shop before the booth, and part of the position of forest mouhui, Lin Mouhui heard the casket, it can wash away the "unlucky" hired Lin Moudong, Lin moufeng, danmou Kennedy and Liu Mouqiang carried a coffin to your store, because not up to the coffin shop, he will be placed in the corner of the coffin, caused public panic and strong dissatisfaction. More than and 40 minutes later, Lin mouhui will move the coffin. The investigation by the public security organs, Lin Mouhui’s behavior has constituted disturb public order offenses, then the law of Lin mouhui, Lin Moudong and other 5 people in administrative detention for 5 to 10 days. For the party to put a pot of ashes, because of its impact on public transport, the police warned its education. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: