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TV programs broadcast network in ending too strong dad 4 highs after the National Day holiday, a holiday, let the audience watching TV time, also let the variety show ushered in the ratings war broke out. The three quarter hit several large variety reality show "we come", "new song", "China The Legendary Swordsman" also in the National Day period collective ushered in the ending of the war, every one has achieved ratings and reputation of the double harvest. In contrast, in the national archives show several rushing network ensemble Premiere is somewhat suck, attention is not too high, including "4", where my father went to "the golden Bachelor" and "goodbye" meat. Ending the program result very rosy this year’s TV market competition is fierce, experienced in the first two quarters of the two generation, some in the three generation in Gaokaidizou, just past the Q3 quarter, "China new song" and "we have come to the" two file name, change the form of the "new program" finally to gain a good result. The viewing way won the October 7th finals nest is to get high ratings CSM52 city 3.971; the latter from "Idol" into "we", with elegant and dignified, the variety characteristics of women down to Earth Zero bad harvest". Relatively speaking, the Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman" this season play has been relatively stable, every Sunday at half past nine that night stalls can get a ratings winner, but also show the prequel ratings derivative followed also is not easy. On the last day of the National Day holiday, China’s new song finals in the bird’s nest. As the birth of the 81 sun reporter media review to witness the champion. The title of this session is no longer only belongs to Na Ying [micro-blog], Wang Feng [micro-blog] team’s victory over the Chinese team to the ocean, won the "new sound" of the annual championship in the year of. Accompany ran for so many years, Wang Feng finally on the headlines". In an interview after the game, Wang Feng thanked the site staff and many unsung heroes, but the most important is to thank his wife Zhang Ziyi [micro-blog]: "Zi Yi gave me the dream team sent a warm, give me a lot of help, advice, help them pick clothes. I’m glad she can do it. This kind of warmth is special. Thank you." Last year, Hunan satellite TV "Idol" although invited Brigitte Lin [micro-blog] such a large coffee, but the program is not recognized by the audience, not only this year the name was changed to "we", but also more down to earth, the sisters play, show also achieved ratings and reputation of the double harvest. It is worth mentioning that, "we have come to the" also brought a Oriental female beauty discussion, many industry experts have said the program of traditional culture, China women also show for the world to understand Chinese opens a window. In the current market situation comedy Zhadui blowout, "The Legendary Swordsman" rare but also to maintain a consistent style by the audience, and got very good ratings and reputation. This program to find a lot of "relations", which is a bit was criticized by many people, but these are also the "relations" for the program considerably. It is not difficult to find that comedy programs are difficult to do now is the lack of quality players, to solve)相关的主题文章: