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Trump denies making "inappropriate behavior" of women will produce evidence – Sohu News News Agency reporter Trump data figure Liao climbing photo China News Agency Washington October 13th EA American women said they had log by the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump obscene reported to the media, Trump local 13, denied that he had made "inappropriate behavior" for women, said the description is a hoax, he will publish the evidence in the "appropriate", show his innocence. After 11 years ago Trump insulted a female recording after being exposed, he has recently caught "lewd women door". There have been at least 4 women by New York Times, people magazine and other media to the outside world, Trump was against their wishes on their hands and feet, including women’s breasts and tried to catch each other in hand, kissing women dress action. One of the women said the parties Trump alleged sexual assault behavior. Trump said in a campaign in Florida, said that the malicious allegations he made "inappropriate behavior" of women is "completely wrong", is a hoax, very absurd, no logic and common sense, these things never happened. Trump said that he has mastered the "substantial evidence" to overthrow these lies, will be in the "appropriate time", "appropriate" to reveal to the public. He said that WikiLeaks is released to Democratic presidential candidate Hilary? A lot of mail core members of Clinton and the team, exposed the corruption of Hilary, the American media chose to publish these reports at this time, "this is no coincidence". Hilary and her media allies attacked him because he was a "threat" to the political establishment". Trump said that the American media is no longer engaged in "journalism", but as lobbying and financial groups, represents a special interest in politics, their "agenda" is that Hilary was elected at all costs, rather than serving the American people. The Trump team has sent a letter to the New York Times, the newspaper reported behind the accusations about Trump lewd women "political motivation", asked the newspaper to withdraw the report. In the last week a recording of Trump, Trump boasted to kiss women experience, in order to have a speech for women or pride. But in his second presidential debate, he stressed that he had never done anything like this. Hilary campaign team, 13, said the U.S. media reports show that in the debate, Trump lied, he boasted in the recording of the behavior is not just talking about it". Affected by the recent scandal, Trump’s approval rating in the United States continues to decline. Realclearpolitics website released the national average poll shows that Hilary is currently 6.2 percentage points ahead of Trump, in most of the key swing state support rate is also more than the number of Trump. Republican House Speaker Paul? Ruian said earlier this week, he will no longer defend the stage with Trump campaign or audible, and will focus on maintaining the Republican majority in the house of representatives. Outer Pu相关的主题文章: