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"2 men" Shen Mengchen really personal demonstration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation rescue method –   entertainment Sohu; Sohu Shen Mengchen entertainment news jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Air force article is Hunan TV broadcast fiery. With the three phase of the hit show, the first station of Thor commando training has come to an end, however, the recruits training journey is far from over. In this program, the eight Air Force recruits follow the pace of the squad leader Wang Wei, came to the air force ace to guide the hero camp, the clarion call has sounded a new journey, the new recruits will have a new performance. This time Shen Mengchen and Frank will be how to break through the limits of self, the true nature of light shine? From the beginning of the first phase of the program, Shen Mengchen’s "true face" unfolds in front of the audience heard makeup requirements "my makeup may be relatively poor" to delay time ", the lovely makeup face" from the black response, not within the specified time to finish the dress "the sporadic" image, disillusionment eat watermelon game munching and domineering, and real soldiers of the "guard helmet" clever clever, each side is lively. However, Shen Mengchen’s "female man" image is more eye-catching, physical fitness test is better than the Taekwondo champion Zhang blueheart, firing 5 rounds of 34 shooting link ring "finished second to Jiang Jinfu, in an earlier launch conference on more bluntly said" a soldier was not so hard, "demeanor reveals" woman Han bear. So domineering without taking into account the image of Shen Mengchen’s Guide "hero camp" in the "image" and how to get rid of bondage, without the burden of traveling light. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), as an important part of battlefield rescue, has become a compulsory course for recruits to enter the "hero camp". After the simulation of the human body model is completed, the recruits into the real exercise session. First of all by Huang Zitao as a shock to rescue the wounded, Jiang Jinfu, "artificial" scenes that people in shocked surprise laugh again and again, also in the recruits heart buried "timid" seed. Turn to their female haunt, the female who have undauntedly at this time, Shen Mengchen active recommendation, and new comrade Cai Junjie partner amazing demonstration, fearless of death for a just cause. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation rescue demonstration method after Cai Junjie said what makes you laughter? Bursting point out, not to be missed. "Really on the battlefield, no sex, no age, only save"! The instructor teaches sonorous and forceful, Shen Mengchen also used his practical action to practice the "real soldiers" promise. New challenges raging hit, eight Air Force recruits fully equipped for 20:20 tonight, Hunan satellite TV, "real man" in season second air force fourth period Be There Or Be Square?.相关的主题文章: