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To tell the truth, no quantum teleportation and "moving moment" – the Sohu technology editor’s note: people can always have a curiosity for science and technology "magic moving moment" the dream of one day can quickly reach their own places to go along with the physicists and engineers gradually uncover the mysterious veil of quantum teleportation Technology, everyone tend to be "moving moment" is equivalent to "quantum teleportation", but the author of Andrian Cho the answer may make us feel disappointed. Two teams have created a new record in the transmission of quantum teleportation research: using quantum mechanics knowledge unfathomable quantum state of a particle rapidly from one location to another location of the migration of particles. One team used this method, a city with an optical fiber, the quantum state of a photon across the southwestern Calgary in Canada, transfer to 6.2 kilometers; another team will be more than one photon quantum state through Chinese Shanghai, transfer to 14.7 kilometers away. According to Nature Photonics reported today, the two team in a breakthrough in the field of quantum teleportation will eventually lead to a too strong to break the quantum internet. However, the quantum teleportation will bring other unexpected benefits? In the future, we can really use it on a cold morning in January to achieve "instantaneous movement"? When will we be able to use quantum teleportation technology to achieve instantaneous movement? I am sorry to say that the answer is disappointing, but the fact is that this "technology magic" will never be realized. The name of this technology is not skim, describes the transfer of quantum teleportation and science fiction TV series "Star Trek" and other science fiction "teleports" really has nothing to do. This type of "instantaneous movement" is usually the decomposition of a physical object, the transmission of molecular substances through space, and then another distant place immediately and perfectly re. Quantum teleportation does not decompose and recombine any object that does not involve the movement of any substance. In addition, the technique is used only for a single quantum particle level: photons, electrons, atoms, etc.. In any case, there is no other thing in common with the "true" teleportation of the quantum teleportation. If quantum teleportation does not move objects or people, what is the use of this technology? Compared with an expedition to a human before the planet so great feat, quantum teleportation "goal" seems to be slightly inferior, but there is a subtle magic. Quantum teleportation is able to transfer the quantum state of a particle to an unknown location at once, without transmitting the particle itself. In a sense, it’s sort of like adjusting the time of another clock on the other side of the clock exactly as it is displayed on a clock. Why read a clock time, and then set the same time on another clock, can bring us such a shock? A particle, such as a photon, is more complex and more subtle than the time it takes to read the clock. Read!相关的主题文章: