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To become the logistics industry Uber, ElasticRun won $2 million seed round of financing according to the angel investment online platform Termsheet Kalaari Capital reported that the famous venture enterprise and Norwest Venture Partners to a record prices quietly invested $2 million seed round of financing. The deal was completed in May, but has yet to be announced. The creation of ElasticRun, founded in April 2015, determined to become the logistics and distribution industry Uber. Its website says, "the surprise is coming, please look forward to". "ElasticRun is building the next generation of transport technology to promote the development of e-commerce and logistics industry in India," said Facebook, who is a member of the company’s 26 member team in the photo of wall. Its headquarters is located in Pune, and has offices in Mumbai and Bangalore." ElasticRun said the company is currently working with a world top 500 e-commerce companies to provide its last mile distribution services. The company also worked with one of the world’s top 500 pharmaceutical companies to build a national distribution network. They provide customers with logistics services as you go the way. ElasticRun founder Sandeep Deshmukh, who was a member of the Amazon India core engineering team, resigned in February of this year. At that time, he was responsible for the establishment of the transport system in accordance with the conditions of India. His last post was "I Have Space" project leader. This is a project in India, Amazon, and the last mile logistics and distribution services. The project needs to work with more than 10 thousand retail stores. Amazon hosted its own products in these stores, and then served them to 2 to 4 km in the hands of customers. As part of the project, Sandeep has developed a crowdsourcing channel. This is similar to the United States at the end of last year, the introduction of the Amazon Flex service, to take the Uber mode of operation, so that private car owners who send parcels. ElasticRun seems to intend to build a App based asset light model for receiving orders and scheduling delivery drivers. Amazon Flex itself is to imitate the Postmates (a logistics company in San Francisco, the use of Uber model to deliver parcels). Rickshaw is another record in the industry, which uses a slightly different model. It links partners with distribution drivers and provides the best delivery route. ElasticRun’s other two partners Shitiz Bansal and Saurabh Nigam worked in EdgeVerve. This is the IT industry famous company, a subsidiary of Infosys. Like Sandeep, they resigned in February. Sandeep had been before.相关的主题文章: