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Through the broadcast industry chain target station downstream of the fish is what? Sohu – Science and technology since the second half of 2015 live broadcast industry outbreak, which is a new form of entertainment content began to accept the public users, is regarded as a popular form of entertainment content. Discussion Chinese broadcast industry, no one can avoid macropodus. A careful analysis of the recent actions of fish can be found, the earliest known as "broadcast platform Chinese Twitch", has already gone beyond the call, quietly made the transition gradually gathered in the capital, head to head competition almost melee build their own barriers to trade. China Twitch? Has long been more than QuestMobile data show that the webcast industry users live (MAU) from 52 million 710 thousand last October to continue to grow in May of this year, by the end of. According to another data agency TalkingData data, the number of smart terminals installed in China live App has reached 186 million units. At the same time, only in the first half of 2016, broadcast industry financing more than 1 billion 200 million yuan, and then in the third quarter of 2016, the most striking event broadcast industry financing is undoubtedly the betta live 1 billion 500 million yuan C round of financing. August 2014, Amazon’s acquisition of U.S. gaming platform Twitch $970 million price. At that time, many people put startups as Chinese Betta Twitch, but after 2 years, both the location of the station seems to have made a swap. In the United States market, Twitch early after sold without the old forge, Periscope is in the product is not on the line became part of the Twitter strategic layout, which is regarded as the national broadcast of Shizu Meerkat is obtained in the tens of millions of dollars in financing situations or admit defeat. In China, the situation seems to be not the same, in a huge financing at the same time, they always live in the territory to stop expanding its territory. Despite the constant competition challenges Betta games first position still live, Betta from first mover advantage and successful capital operation, occupy the position of industry leader. The fish in entrenched positions at the same time, also has been trying to diversify the contents of operation, introduces the content and people live, live anchor in the fields of interest. Based on this, the fish in the industry first proposed the "live +" concept, as the live connection tools, in the live on financial, automotive, education, superposition of welfare, science and technology, business, tourism, and now it seems the most important pan entertainment in addition to games macropodus. Vertical or horizontal, which is now every product must first think about the problem. To live in is the difference between products or to stop at the platform, as the social field bean and Sina, no matter good or bad, but the product logic and user positioning different, corresponding to the size of different commercial imagination. Horizontal expansion Betta means he choose a platform line, declaring he wanted to become a giant ambition, that in this age to gather all the traffic is king.相关的主题文章: