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Three bone president of Philippines, in the end is how a person? Sohu News – Philippines’s new president, Duthel Te, a man of mystery. Because his style does not take the unusual way. As the U.S. military allies, Walter did not look too buy U.S. account, not only at the U.S. ambassador in the Philippines "drag queen gun", but also in the press conference at Obama, and at the East Asia Summit deliberately missed a meeting with Obama; in the domestic iron fisted rule poison at the same time, also from the UN condemning the. No wonder some people to Walter and US presidential candidate Trump, that the mouth of the latter and the degree of a spell. So, the mystery of the man in the end is what kind of person? How should we look at these "special" remarks? Us Philippine relations really like look so nervous? Will this tension benefit China? With these questions, we consulted the Xinhua news agency, director of the center for regional reporting, Southeast Asia expert. 1, Knight Island: how to understand this man Duthel Te? Ling: he’s always on the headlines lately. But we should have a basic judgment: Duthel Te and Trump are not the same, he is not a mature politician, but a considerable political wisdom of the leaders. To understand this, we need to start with three relationships. First, is the Philippines alliance. What is an alliance? I’ll never alliance with hello to monolithic, let me what is the deployment of deployment (like what thad that South Korea, so very aggressive). Military alliance, because it is the use of mutual base, common logistics support, in particular, to achieve the maximum military capabilities, the third party to maximize military deterrence. However, the premise of this relationship is to maximize the interests of both sides, the basic equality, rather than the interests of the unilateral maximization. If we are Filipinos, stand in their positions, we see in Philippines, the alliance has been what? From the beginning of Aquino III period, the United States has claimed to upgrade US Philippines mutual defense agreement, 2013 also began a new round of negotiations; the United States claims to Philippines about ocean issues into consideration of the US Philippine alliance. But three years later, Philippines got nothing. Instead, in the international arena, he is the image of a diplomatic loser. Why? It is because of the US Philippine alliance, no good basic equivalence. In fact, we look at these years, the United States and its allies, more and more show the reality, asymmetry. In Britain, has dragged into the water fight in Iraq and Libya, but at the end of the British, American benefits are got, all in the UK back pot; so the British leadership further towards pragmatism, many things do not consider the United States, including high-profile added an investment bank. The same is true of asean. ASEAN’s main tone is the development of the economy, there is no need to fight the main object, there is no such strength, so the military is not a theme. In the southeast United States is basically "buy", in exchange for their own interests, such as Philippines to engage in some military aid, military exercises, military bases for each other, but not to the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.相关的主题文章: