This year, the Wuzhen World Conference on the Internet, what are the highlights of inclusive financi cagliari exchange

This year, the Wuzhen World Conference on the Internet, what are the highlights of inclusive financial Sohu technology once a year Wuzhen World Internet Conference held as scheduled. World Internet Conference in Wuzhen is China’s advocacy and hosting of the world’s Internet event, designed to build an international platform for international interoperability and sharing of Internet platform. This year is the third year of the world’s Internet in Wuzhen. The theme of this year’s conference is "innovation driven to benefit mankind — to join hands in building a community of cyberspace". It can be said that the Wuzhen World Internet Conference shows the muscles of Chinese technology, but also shows the overall ecological situation of China’s internet. The concern is that as the development of the Internet world leader, this year Wuzhen world internet conference agenda first revealed an important signal: the combination of Internet and finance has developed into the second half, financial technology (Fintech) has taken the Internet Financial baton, has become the focus of attention of the world Internet business. Look at the Internet banking financial technology in last year’s Wuzhen World Conference on the Internet from the agenda of the meeting, "the Internet financial innovation and Development Forum" is the only one in the conference and finance forum. At that time, Tsinghua University, Wudaokou Institute of Finance released the global Internet financial business model report (2015), but also in the global Internet business model of financial depth analysis. Last year’s Conference on the Internet Financial attitude was also still in the initial stage of cognition, at the time of the Internet banking is also set the tone for the Internet banking and traditional banking relationships is not subversion and replaced, but the relationship between inheritance and development. Just a year later this year, the Wuzhen World Internet Conference multiple sub forums are more or less related to Internet banking, and Internet banking is the title of the evolution to digital Inclusive Finance and financial technology stage. For example, "Internet plus" forum "Internet plus Inclusive Finance, digital economy forum – Chinese and foreign government dialogue, digital economy forum – the three China EU digital economic dialogue forum. Interestingly, this year’s conference was invited to attend the financial technology and Internet financial enterprises has been greatly improved, the ant gold clothing, Lu Jin, Jiu Fu and other well-known financial technology on behalf of all appearances. But the financial technology and how to implement Inclusive Finance is gradually showing the trend of the Commission All flowers bloom together., such as supervision and management committee assistant to the chairman of Yichang can issue "the capital market and the digital economy: collision and transformation, integration and promotion, and President of the association of China’s Internet Financial Li Dongrong topic" mobile financial help popularizing financial benefits the development of "ant gold clothing Group CEO Jing Xiandong to the" digital Chinese inclusive financial practices and global vision". It can be found that from last year to this year, the industry’s understanding of the Internet is gradually deepening the financial inclusion of financial and financial technology this stage. In last year’s general assembly, more like the concept of Internet banking in the popularity of the emphasis on what is, and in this year’s meeting is increasing emphasis on the use of financial instruments to this.相关的主题文章: