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This is the movie invasion of the competition, to add the wood impetuous? Sohu, science and technology gaming, movies, one word, one is sports, one is entertainment, and now, in fact they are entertainment. Just as sports gaming, seems to be greater scale, go further, as a rookie to rise in the entertainment circle, constantly making lace. The mode of Zhang PPTN "appeared in the" February 19, 2016 "music travels" column E-sports after more than 10 years of silence, but in the past six months the fire was in a complete mess. Especially those with online gaming anchor eye stroke live site, at the beginning of 2016, is a "made man" and "live accident" and many other indecent news, the impact of the audience’s nerves, but also the challenges of social moral. E-sports has a complete industrial chain, the rise in the gaming process, the essence and the independent gaming peripheral industry chaos, in fact, be not at all surprising. Almost every Internet industry has gone through the same line, only the game in this field, whether it is client online games, web games or mobile games, at the beginning of the rise, there are a variety of "very yellow, very violent" promotion. Of course, as the industry gradually stabilized, the boring topic gradually fade. And at the other end, gaming attention, also let some of the cultural and creative enterprises to find the "Internet plus" pretext, especially in 2015 the frenzied speculation IP (intellectual property) of the film industry. This is not the beginning of 2016, known as the first Chinese gaming theme film "gaming" in the shooting, but also quite luxurious lineup, the actor team including WCG (WCG) finals champion Li Xiaofeng (the emperor of Warcraft), WE team member Wei Handong (strawberry) and many other gaming star. From the game players switch to live online gaming commentary guests, then go to the movies, it is not big strides. But when I saw the news, I wondered how Li Xiaofeng felt about such a campaign. In fact, this is not the first gaming film. In 2008 there was a film called "gaming king" movie theaters. In this inspirational film inspired by Li Xiaofeng’s personal growth process, Li Xiaofeng himself is one of the leading actors. Of course, the Ministry said at the box office reached 200 million yuan, but the last 50 minutes of the film, did not catch a ride in the extremely popular online games, also not let people leave much memory for gaming, film. It is estimated that this was "in" eSports dare to claim to reason first gaming movies. Allegedly, "College" gaming in April may meet with the audience, there will be what kind of box office performance is still can make nothing of it. But just look at the spoilers of the plot, is still a continuation of the traditional inspirational movie routines, gaming star in gaming the experience of success and failure change radically, harvest of love and friendship, etc.. To see such a plot, I suddenly a Miss Teen watching TV watching Japanese TV series "Volleyball", often expect Oka Junko hit a so-called "Thunderbolt" vigorously smash, there is always a feeling as cheerful as a lark. "Volleyball"

电影入侵电竞圈,这是要为浮躁添把柴?-搜狐科技   电竞、电影,一字之差,一个是体育,一个是娱乐,而现在,其实它们都是娱乐了。只是,作为体育的电竞,似乎尺度更大,走的更远,就如一个想在娱乐圈崛起的新秀一样,不断的制造着花边。   文 张书乐   原载于《人民邮电报》2016年2月19日《乐游记》专栏   电子竞技沉寂十多年后,却在短短的半年时间里火得一塌糊涂。尤其是那些以电竞主播搏眼球的在线直播网站,在2016年伊始,更是以“造人事件”、“直播车祸”等诸多不雅新闻,冲击着受众的 神经,也挑战着社会的道德底限。   电子竞技拥有完整的产业链,在电竞崛起过程中,那些本质上和电竞无关的周边产业出现乱象,其实不足为奇。几乎每一个互联网产业都走过同样的路线,仅仅游戏这一个领域,无论是客户端网游 、网页游戏还是手机游戏,在兴起之初,都有各种“很黄很暴力”的推广。当然,随着产业的逐步稳定,那些无聊话题日渐消歇。   而在另一头,对电竞的关注,也让一些文化创意企业找到了“互联网+”的由头,尤其是在2015年疯狂炒作IP(知识产权)的电影产业。这不,2016年年初,号称中国首部电竞题材电影的《电竞高校 》开拍了,而且阵容颇为豪华,演员队伍中包括WCG(世界电子竞技大赛)总决赛冠军李晓峰(“魔兽人皇”)、WE战队成员魏汉冬(草莓)等诸多电竞明星。从电竞选手转行做电竞在线直播解说嘉宾,再转到演电影,步子迈得不可谓不大。只不过,我看到这则新闻时不禁想知道,李晓峰对这样的宣传造势到底作何感想。   其实,这算不上第一部电竞电影。2008年就有一部名为《电竞之王》的电影登陆院线。而在这部以李晓峰个人成长历程为蓝本的励志电影中,李晓峰自己就是主演之一。当然,该部据说票房达2亿元 、片长不过50分钟的影片,并没有搭上当年极度火爆的网游的顺风车,也没有让人们对电竞、电影留下多少记忆。估计这也是《电竞高校》敢于自称为首部电竞题材电影的原因。   据称,《电竞高校》4月份可能与观众见面,届时会有什么样的票房表现尚不得而知。但仅仅看当下剧透的情节,依旧延续着传统励志影片的套路,电竞之星在电竞高校中经历成功和失败的大起大落 ,收获友谊和爱情,等等。看到这样的情节,我突然有点怀念少年时守着电视机看日本电视连续剧《排球女将》,每每期待小鹿纯子打出所谓的“晴空霹雳”大力扣杀时,总有一种欢呼雀跃的感觉。《排球女将》也是跨界产品,那可是由地道的同名日本漫画改编的。   电子竞技这个当下颇为小众的体育项目,如要取得更大发展,或许需要电影等大众娱乐产品助其扩大影响力。只不过,豆瓣网上有句评价《电竞之王》的话语颇有深度,“中国电竞可能就像这部电 影,想说玩游戏也能玩得有理想;但不管怎么表达就是表达不好,最后还是沦为一群不爱学习爱游戏的人互相找存在感也互相排挤的地方。”诚如斯言,电竞圈的现状确实有点这样,还真不是电影夸张。   张书乐 微信号:zsl13973399819 新著有《越界――互联网时代必先搞懂的大败局》相关的主题文章: