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This "Crazy" to take 5 years to make an independent game | Xinye God composition an ordinary morning, Gomez wakes up in the cabin, ready to start the day bustling about, however, a red hat changed its life. Gomez saw it through the magic of a 6 plane, which was spinning in the air, not waiting for Gomez to turn around, and exploded into pieces. Game Huaping, reset, reset, Gomez began the day, it was surprised to find that: 2D world where suddenly out of one dimension, it has four different planes, combined into an offbeat 3D world. The story of "Fez" begins here. For many years, "Fez" has been dubbed "independent game God", released two months sold 100 thousand copies, winning the prize to get soft, evaluation of a number of authoritative media are almost perfect, multiple platforms PC, Xbox, PS and other sweeping, until now there have been new game player come to buy. Digital Spy named it the best game of the year, before the call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and halo 4, Eurogamer described it as "perfect, can not be described in the language of science fiction fable". "Fez" 2D and 3D seamless connection, the puzzle game play to the extreme. "A play two games, I spent a 10 page draft paper." At the same time, it also hides the metaphor and thinking in the multi-dimensional space, which makes people think deeply. "FEZ= universe · singularity · multidimensional space, is dedicated to all who love science best works." Today we say it. "Fez" play from the Canadian producer McGrath creativity: a four sided 3D world, each surface is presented in the form of 2D. In the game, we can only see a 2D world, the purpose of Gomez is to collect the world’s 32 cube scattered, solve many puzzles, and ultimately restore the normal order of the 3D world. Method is not complicated, rotating the 2D world, the location of some platforms will be subtle changes in the original can not get through the place, now can easily cross the principle of the Monument Valley and similar. In addition to the basic platform jumping, "Fez" also joined the open chest, explosives and other auxiliary mechanism. Some mysterious symbols and codes, the treasure map also helps to find a way out of game player. No enemy, no boss, no death penalty, producer Phil Fish said: he wants to do is to stop and smell the fragrance of the kind of game. Players will travel around the forest, factories, lighthouses, libraries…… Such a gorgeous and neat map, we can find it in the style is obviously closer to 8 bits. Fish in many places to pay tribute to the classic, such as the box in the sky, is a tribute to the "Tetris". Open the chest of the animation, to pay tribute to the "Legend of Zelda". Some floating platform design, drawing on the super Mario. In the production concept, Fish inspired by two games. One is "mysterious island" (Mys).相关的主题文章: