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The zoo transfer animal hurricane   that in Restroom (Figure) – International – a marabout was placed in Restroom to avoid Hurricane (WEB screenshot) according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on October 7th, in order to prevent the hurricane, the Gusidingshi of the state of Florida (St.Augustine) will be placed in the Restroom zoo animal, and share photos on Facebook, shows that to avoid the hurricane scene. Narrator: "no joke photos of any animal discrimination!" This photo has been "point like" 2000 times. In response to Hurricane Matthew, the Zoo began to prepare 2 days in advance to ensure that all animals can be placed in a safe room before the storm. All that have been placed in the public Restroom zoo, turtles and crocodiles were placed in various water containers. Birds and mammals were transferred to the Komodo dragon is more rugged building. Snakes need "double protection" because if they run out, they pose a threat to the safety of other animals and workers in the zoo. Zoo staff share some birds walk freely on the indoor floor on the scene, even though it is let with a stool. In one of the photos, the ducks and geese in the zoo walk with the parrot in the cage. "I can imagine the excitement of these animals," Facebook joked." Other photos show, the ring tailed lemur replaced them often climb trees in the rafters on the ceiling, the small crocodile was placed in the water filled plastic tub. The sound of noisy room is the placement of hyacinth, blue throated Macaw, golden Parakeet room. Many people on Facebook are grateful for the time and effort spent by zoo staff to ensure the safety of all animals. Christina · (Kristin Banks) wrote: "thank you for protecting these beautiful birds in concrete buildings," said!" The city is located on the northeast coast of Florida, is in hurricane Matthew passed on the way. The local people have been hit by a small flood. More than and 20 people are said to have been trapped in a local hotel. (Shen Shuhua) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Xu Buyun Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: