The warm-up match – Ramirez Jiaxiang co Jiangong Suning 2-0 Russian super sports powerhouse – Sohu-yo te amo

The warm-up match – Ramirez Jiaxiang co Jiangong Suning 2-0 Russian Sohu sports powerhouse – Beijing time on February 4th, Jiangsu Suning warm-up match with a 2-0 victory over the Russian outfit Anzhi, Ramirez thirty-seventh minutes to break the deadlock, the forty-fifth minute break to help Ji Xiang Su Ning victory. Suning in order to prepare for the new season, actively warm-up tour. The Tongan Zhi team contest, with 28 million euros in the introduction of new signings Ramirez, won the first stage of the opportunity. What kind of play can the Su Ning team have, and whether Ramirez has a brilliant performance is the focus of the fans. This competition, Suning occupy the initiative in the field, also launched a flood of offensive to Anzhi team. Thirty-seventh minutes, Suning has the corner kick opportunity, Escudero conveyed threat to pass the ball inside the box, outflanking Ramirez scored the ball, Suning can break the deadlock 1-0 leading. Forty-fifth minutes Samir transport threat biography the ball, Escudero’s shot was saved by the goalkeeper, follow the Ji Xiang shakes Leipzig succeeded, Suning will help expand the score to 2-0 field. In the second half, both sides failed to score goals. Finally, after 90 minutes of fierce fighting, Suning passed 2-0 easily. Jiangsu Suning (4-5-1): 30- Zhang Sipeng; 12- Zhang Xiaobin, 6- 2-, Leon Sainz Bree, 5- Zhou Yun; 24- Ji Xiang, 7- Ramirez; 20- Zhang Xinlin, 11- Escudero, 22- Wu Xi; Samir (10- Ariel)

热身赛-拉米雷斯吉翔联袂建功 苏宁2-0俄超劲旅-搜狐体育  北京时间2月4日,江苏苏宁热身赛以2-0战胜俄超劲旅安郅,第37分钟拉米雷斯打破场上僵局,第45分钟吉翔破门助苏宁锁定胜局。   苏宁为了备战新赛季,展开积极的拉练热身。这场同安郅队的较量里,以2800万欧元引进的新援拉米雷斯,获得了首发登场的机会。苏宁队究竟能够有着何种发挥,拉米雷斯能否有着出彩表现,皆是球迷关注的焦点。   这场比赛里,苏宁占据着场上的主动权,也向安郅队发动了潮水般的攻势。第37分钟苏宁获得角球机会,埃斯库德罗输送威胁传中球,禁区内包抄的拉米雷斯将球打进,助苏宁打破场上僵局取得1-0领先。第45分钟萨米尔输送威胁传中球,埃斯库德罗的打门被门将扑出,随后跟上的吉翔甩头攻门得手,助苏宁将场上比分扩大为2-0。下半时的比赛里,双方皆未能取得入球。最终经过90分钟激战,苏宁以2-0轻松过关。   江苏苏宁(4-5-1):30-张思鹏;12-张晓彬、6-塞恩斯布里、2-李昂、5-周云;24-吉翔、7-拉米雷斯;20-张新林、11-埃斯库德罗、22-吴曦;10-萨米尔   (Ariel)相关的主题文章: