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The typhoon "catfish" with wind rain Zhejiang Cangnan 340 thousand people were affected (Figure) – Cangnan County, Wenzhou city Sohu rainstorm disaster news Zheng Kekun photo Beijing, Wenzhou in September 28,   (reporter Li Tingting Li Qianqian) the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" on September 28th at 4:40 in the morning in Quanzhou Huian coastal landing in Fujian, under its influence, China Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, torrential rains. Up to now, the county affected population reached 340 thousand people, direct economic losses of $504 million 500 thousand. Cangnan is located in the southernmost tip of Zhejiang, the 17 typhoon this year, "catfish effect", as the evening of 28 to 22, the county average of 243 mm of rainfall, which western mountainous areas average rainfall of 360 mm, 400 mm of rainfall in the site more than 5, the maximum 24 hour rainfall of 578 mm; County impoundment rate has been to 95%, the water level of the reservoir during the flood diversion pier 58.44 meters, Wu home reservoir water level of 44.28 meters, is the highest level in history; Ju Xi Zhen Qiao Dun Zhen, Lingxi Town, town water seriously, the depths of 1 meters. It is reported that heavy rain has caused 14 towns in Cangnan 19 towns affected, the affected population of 340 thousand people, animal husbandry and fishery affected 10130 hectares; 76 enterprises stop production downtime, highway interrupted 8 power outages, 22; damaged dikes 45, revetment 120, irrigation facilities 152, hydrological station 15, as of at present, the county caused a direct economic loss of 504 million 500 thousand yuan, the other 40857 people were transferred. According to the Wenzhou meteorological department report, today and tomorrow night, Wenzhou is still heavy rainfall. Wenzhou flood control headquarters decided that from 28 to 18 o’clock, the typhoon emergency response will be upgraded to level I.相关的主题文章: