The typhoon catfish Fujian 29 day follow-up impact outage 17 EMU – Beijing-p8400

The typhoon "catfish" Fujian 29 day follow-up impact outage 17 EMU – Beijing Beijing in September 29 Fuzhou Xinhua (Long Min) by Typhoon "catfish" follow-up, to ensure the absolute safety of passenger trains, Nanchang Railway Bureau in the train outage 29, 16 passenger trains on the basis of re stop 29 days running 17 EMU trains. New outage 17 EMU trains were: Fuzhou to Xiamen North D6229, D6224, D6219, D6212, D6231, D6226, D6208 times, Xiamen north to Fuding D6334, D6331 times, Fuzhou to Fuding D6338, D6337 times, Fuzhou to Zhangzhou between D6225, D6238, D6223, D6216, Fuding Longyan to Longyan to Fuzhou D6381 4, D6445 4. The previously announced 16 passenger trains outage on the 29 are: Putian to Shenzhen North D681 times, Quanzhou to Shenzhen North D2315, Xiamen north to Shenzhen North D2335 times, Zhangzhou to Xiamen North D8924, Xiamen north to Beijing South G324, G322 times, Longyan to Shanghai Hongqiao D3143 2, Lanzhou to Xiamen Z128 5, Beijing South to Fuzhou G301, G27 times, Xi’an north to Fuzhou G1904 Zhengzhou to Fuzhou 1 times, 85 times D295, east of Chengdu, Fuzhou D2244 1, Beijing to Xiamen West K571 times, Shanghai south to Xiamen K1209 times, Nanjing to Fuzhou K525 times. (end)相关的主题文章: