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The two season of Heilongjiang tourism development boom seasons colorful autumn drunk tourists Heilongjiang tourism season two colorful autumn seasons prosperous development of drunk tourists

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gold, two Longshan Longshan 17 mountain, 7 Yabuli Yingjie, The Springs Hotel, 3 Volga manor European style products, Hulan Gold Bay estuary wetland, wetland botanical garden 4 wetland tourism products, Togane grape Kingdom, Harbin Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other 4 villages picking tourism products…… The autumn of this year, Harbin city is located in the surrounding areas, vigorously mining city county (city) of the forest resources and hot springs, introduced five kinds of autumn tourism products, including five mountains are eye-catching "hero".


different mountain scenery

25, the reporter came to the founder of the original Forest Park. According to Harbin Fangzheng County Tourism Bureau Director Han Mingjun introduction, this is the province of Harbin city from the recent national Forest Park.


reporter in the spring, along the way to see the ancient trees tower to the skies, the stone floor, leaves. In order to maximize the original features of the mountain style, fangzheng county only in some sections of the installation of wooden plank, and some sections without any modification, this let visitors in the process, enjoy great pleasure. Shenlu welcome, 100 trees assemble, Ming Shi tang…… The scenery everywhere attracted visitors amazed. In a pavilion in the mountains, the reporter saw more than 10 photographers shooting Yamanaka Meijing. Photography enthusiasts Ms. Song said: the scenery here also maintained the original style, less artificial modification, very beautiful, with the lens to record these beauty, so that more people know."

The county tourism bureau chief

Han Mingjun said: "in the past two years, the original national Forest Park has attracted many visitors come here to climb the surrounding counties and cities, the annual summer and autumn season two, an average of more than 1 thousand people a day. And we can attract tourists advantage is to maintain the most original style."

on the 28 day, the reporter went to the Shangzhi Maoer Mountain Scenic area. On the mountainside of the dinosaur park, dinosaur simulation vivid, many tourists here for a photo, and on the top of the glass on the road, let visitors feel the scenery at the foot of the flavor. Shangzhi City Tourism Bureau Director Li Zhen said: "in addition to our advantage from the provincial capital near and convenient transportation, more abundant natural resources. At the same time, we also increase investment, attracted a number of Tianma Travel management company specializing in enterprise. These companies not only increased the investment in the area, but also to promote the use of professional marketing channels. In order to highlight the features, we pay more attention to the difference of mountain products, such as glass plank, dinosaur park project."

it is understood that, in recent years, the Hat Mountain scenic areas continue to increase investment, investment about 7000000 yuan