The thief as the mobile phone to strangle junkmen was sentenced to life imprisonment in

The thief as the mobile phone to strangle junkmen was sentenced to life imprisonment – Beijing because of a mobile phone, a missed Le a gleaning man strangled; it is also because of this mobile phone, directly led to his downfall. Recently, Beijing court a case "". In a multi recidivist Le stealing mobile phone, came to a bridge drop foot, and met with a man picking up. What the man asked for clothes with a mobile phone, Le was rejected after the two conflict. During a tussle, the man strangled le. The court held that the existing evidence can not prove that the victim has the meaning of the criminal law of the fault, it was found guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to life imprisonment. The mobile phone into the scene: an important clue in September 11th last year, Beijing police received a public warning, found a corpse in a simple shed. The police investigation found that the Department felt simple shed cloth and plastic cloth built shed, placed a large number of discarded plastic bottles, a simple bed, and a brick built stove. Despite the high degree of corruption of the body, forensic work to increase the difficulty, but combined with the body of the neck injury, the police do not rule out the possibility of mechanical asphyxia death. At the scene of the crime, a mobile phone caught the attention of the police. By checking the phone card registration information, the police locked the phone owner, migrant workers dengmou. When the police found Dengmou, which is working on the site, in the face of questioning, Deng said the evening of August 30, 2015, his cell phone in the room charge, the next morning found the phone disappeared. At the same time, Deng a fellow mobile phone also take wings to itself. What they did not expect is that the next day the phone lost, someone with his phone to his wife on the phone, vulgar language. According to this important clues, the police quickly locked the theft of a criminal record, and arrested in September 13th. Restore: because of the clothes for the phone, the dispute with the police in the face of questioning, Le confession, the day before the incident, he stole three phones outside, and then came to a bridge to sleep. The evening of the second day, a man will wake up and take the junkmen, he entered the bridge in a simple shed. Two people bought a pack of instant noodles and a barrel of wine, eating and drinking period, Le took out a theft of the three cell phone, asked whether the man has a charging power supply, the four. The man then took a charge of a charging Bao le. Le a casual, opulent two subsequent conflict foreshadowed. After the dinner, picking up the man puts, the ability to use their own clothes for a Le a hands mobile phone. In Le view, such an exchange, he obviously suffer, then rejected the man’s request. The two sides thus produce a quarrel. During the fight, a hand grabbed the man’s neck, until you see the man no longer move to let go. Aware of their own disaster, Le a hurry to leave the simple shed, even the theft of mobile phones are not taken away. Verdict: thief was sentenced to life imprisonment recently, the case in Beijing City Court hearing. The prosecution alleged that the defendant of a Le at the end of August 2015 to early September day, in a nearby Auto City, and the victim for anonymous (male) dispute. Lynn相关的主题文章: