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The teapot is used and the collection points of knowledge Daquan note – Sohu and map: "Yin Qiuxia", a hand well bar pot teapot in the end how to raise, raising net or dirty? Many old teapot play off, mostly dirt raises a teapot, take a pot of tea head surface is Months and years pass by. pour, do not wash, then boil clean, timely, will become very good-looking, but the tea will not Months and years pass by. mildew is teapot absorption, so do health? That bursts of wash, really good pot, only mud, good work, good enough, also must pass the "support" and "play", make the pot inner structure altered and the pot body is more fine, smooth, soft, energized, as gentle as a jade. 1, a pot of tea pot for paternity by carcass purple special structure (with double pore structure, molecular scale, and the way to) can adsorb tea tea extract (1.6%-7.05% water absorption rate of Zisha teapot), prompting matrix changes, wells can radiate the bulb of the smell of tea. Love pot of good drinking. Get through the "open" sand pot maintenance, removal of sand pot with soil smell after several kinds of tea pot test. According to their own preferences, and finally decide the pot which kind of tea, and then stay the same to be special special pot, a pot of tea ". Map: "Xu Meihua" at the end of 2, a pot of antique tank cleaning a wash, a very clean tea really lazy, every time after the end of the tea, the tea will stay in the bottom of the pot pot "". In fact, the pot was not helpful at all, only some residual tea, a breeding ground for bacteria, health effects. Therefore, suggest that "a bubble wash", the pot is Yangxin, when your pot will be calm, calm down, naturally good-looking. Part of the tea tea rub may also see a tea teapot, very dirty, a lot of antique tea that will become more game player, on the appreciation of the. Funny, the teapot beauty, what is the relationship between wool and tea. Therefore, in the process of tea, tea soup on the pot body wet wipe the tea with cotton, can effectively promote the teapot become clean and tidy. Often get trace tea nourishing, can promote the teapot tire quality change. Note that in the application of wiping towel, to be wary, not too fierce wipe. Some of the "workers" and "ptyalism curve shape of the pot, to wipe the flow at the lower part of the tea time oh. In order to avoid the defects of long term due to poor maintenance caused by the whole "patina" pot. The pot to flow, transfer, in the mouth of the outer edge, etc. at the joint of the lid kettle button to carefully wipe, these "lonely" easy scale, will affect the overall effect of maintenance of the teapot. Map: "He Daohong" old purple clay pot two handmade antique teapot, why many friends love to take the lid on the pot body? This disease is cured. Hear the kettle cover along the bottom in Hukou Xuan a grinding ring, or the kettle bottom along the scraping handle, you can listen. Three, the teapot looks plain, why has so popular? According to the evidence of archaeology, the Ming Dynasty eunuch Wu Jing tomb found in the rough teapot, is at present相关的主题文章: