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The survey said 60% Chinese wealthy want to buy a house overseas – Sohu News Reference News Network reported on November 9th Russian media said, the Hurun Research Institute and the Department of Canadian Consulting Group (Visas Consulting Group) according to a recent survey, 60% of the rich China plan within the next 3 years overseas purchase of real estate. According to the Russian satellite network reported on November 8th, the survey was conducted from August to October, the survey for the assets of up to $1 million 500 thousand in China’s rich, the number of such people in China is currently 1 million 340 thousand. Survey shows that about 800 thousand people (60% of China’s rich) plans to invest in overseas real estate and foreign immigrants. Hu Run, chairman and chief researcher Hu Run said: "this year the trend is beyond the immigration category, more related to the global asset allocation. China’s rich people are now the main goal is to layout the 1/3 wealth overseas, the purchase of real estate and foreign deposits is a priority." Reported that China’s most wealthy immigrants to the United States is the most common, the top five countries as well as the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and singapore. The main factors affecting the choice of the rich are education, investment conditions, immigration policy, taxation, medical services, visas and the difficulty of Chinese immigrants.相关的主题文章: