The starch produced 350 thousand boxes of fake life-saving drug counterfeiters was released in Febru

The starch produced 350 thousand boxes of fake life-saving drug counterfeiters was released in February again Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Harbin – 19 September Xinhua: starch 350 thousand boxes of fake fake drugs were released two months of life-saving drugs again Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Rui, Liang Shubin filled with the smell of small workshops, starch can be produced about 36000000 yuan of life-saving drugs. "; a box need to take a long time in the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease drug price of more than one hundred yuan, but only a few yuan can be produced…… Harbin police recently cracked a case of manufacturing and selling fake drugs, seized 350 thousand boxes of fake cardiovascular disease commonly used drugs, the suspect was released from prison after two months due to being caught. Experts believe that the more high-end market, best-selling drugs, the easier to be forged objects. High profits as drugs, is an important reason for these fake makers repeatedly rush into danger. A small workshop filled with the smell of starch, produced about 36000000 yuan "life-saving medicine" at the beginning of this year, the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau received public security bureau of Heilongjiang province to Hulan, Songbei area clues: Harbin city has a production and sales of counterfeit dens. Subsequently, the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade and other departments to set up a task force, through hard work, to master a lot of evidence. In May 20th, the police close the net, the Song 9 people arrested. The investigators in the song of the two production dens seized 3 sets of production equipment and raw materials for the production of drugs seized, cardiovascular disease drugs commonly used "Clopidogrel Bisulfate Tablets" and "Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets" and "Aspirin Enteric-coated Tablets" 350 thousand boxes of fake semi-finished products, by the price department at a price of about about 36000000 yuan. Yongxing village in Hulan District, Harbin, there are 5 ordinary grape planting greenhouse. Who did not think it would be a production of counterfeit drugs between. In a color activity room, there are tableting machines, packaging machines and other equipment. In the corner of the shop, piled a lot of fake raw material paste (starch), packaging foil and a large number of counterfeit products, semi-finished products. Changling Changling town villagers room has another dens, where the "drug" environment for police. The closed room around the basin, dirty dirty boots, filled with foul water, smell the taste of the medicine." Harbin City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment of a brigade deputy Shen Wanli said. The police, the dens is hidden, "guerrilla warfare", the start time is not fixed. In Liaoning, Shanghai, the Beijing, Zhejiang and other provinces verification, Heilongjiang province food and Drug Inspection Institute identified the seized drugs without the active ingredients of drugs, counterfeit. Director of the Heilongjiang provincial food and Drug Inspection Bureau Inspection Department staff Zhao Lei said, the main ingredient in these drugs is made of medicine blank after starch, sugar coated, color uneven, color difference, but with the packing box and the formal market drug without two kind of ordinary consumers, it is difficult to distinguish. Professionals said that no drug drug use, is likely to delay the disease. The whole family together, rely on network sale purchase according to the introduction, in recent years, Heilongjiang province to investigate the crime of selling fake drugs, showing a family, networking and fine features. The whole family goes together.相关的主题文章: