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"The sparrow" figure second body in den undercurrent film showdown – Sohu entertainment Chen deep (played by Li Yifeng) and Lee Moqun (played by Wang Jinsong) and Chen Shen (played by Li Yifeng) and Liu Meina (played by Liu Jiatong) Sohu entertainment Spy Drama "sparrow" into the premiere countdown, the film side today again second to play the character trailers satisfy the audience. In the image, Chen Shen Li Yifeng played in the underground Communists conspiracy and dangerous and puppet 76 snare, cunning murderous opponents appear in succession. Every minute as walking wire in the end he will complete the task in the play how to defuse the crisis, let the audience feel worried.     Yin Zheng played by the Soviet three province into today released a bright spot in the film, this is a treachery, defected, hand puppet fellow traitors. One minute clip can already see Yin Zheng this twisted role to most incisive, Langxue, he and Chen deep confrontation is both humbled and assertive metamorphosis. While Wang Jinsong joined the drama of bone "sparrow" played traitor leader Li Moqun, trailers can see his acting, sharp eyes hidden behind the hypocrisy of numerous conspiracy. Chen and his deep struggle, seemingly calm Lake Placid, but the lake is surging undercurrent. This wave flower also appears in a story and promote are inseparable, amorous woman Liu Mina, played by Liu Jiatong. People read novels all know that it is a snare in charge of highly confidential but only infatuated, yearning for a pure love, can give up everything to heart like moths to a flame of love. Trailers Trailer in the deep end will be threatened by growing crises, Chen encounter unknown danger how? Su three capital how to harm? How many plots does Li Moqun have? Liu Mei’s love can find a home? Always carry up to watch the heart afraid not a moment to put down. With less than a week’s time, September 5th will be "sparrow" in Hunan satellite TV broadcasting crisis.相关的主题文章: