The Russian Defense Ministry said that after two years of manufacturing unmanned Amata tanks iptd-651

The Russian Defense Ministry said that after two years of manufacturing unmanned Amata tanks Amata tanks T-14 data figure: original title: Russian Defense Ministry said two years after the manufacture of unmanned tank type Amata according to the Russian satellite news reported on September 9th, the Russian Defense Ministry car armored administration Alexander · Shevchenko in an interview with news agency "satellite" said that the new T-14 Amata MBT unmanned type will be made in 2018, has been in development work related. Data figure: May 2016, Shevchenko accompanied Putin visited Russia since the "Patriot" ute broke the door handle this is Shevchenko Shevchenko said: "the research work carried out after two years will be made Amata unmanned type. The tank has a promising future, only to solve a number of small problems – the development of digital devices based on objective conditions to solve the task. In addition, the import substitution problems all Amata microelectronic devices have been solved." According to him, the characteristics of the unmanned tank type Amata is unmanned automatic armored vehicles formed "open digital architecture like reinforced concrete foundation". After the Russian Deputy Defense Minister Borisov was in the army -2016 forum said that the Russian Defense Ministry signed a contract with Ural locomotive factory, supply more than 100 T-14 "Alma tower" tank trial, the first tank has been put into operation test. He said: "has purchased the first tanks, after all, Ural locomotive and rolling stock manufacturing plant is not free of charge. The two sides signed more than 100 trial bulk contracts, these tanks have been put into combat testing." About Amata tanks now progress, Shevchenko said, the first batch of tanks during field operation, all do not meet the military requirements of the notice of defects will make up and factory design bureau. National testing will be completed in 2017, and then put into use." Amata tanks will be just as Russia’s future main battle tanks, Ural vehicle manufacturing plant was developed based on the proposed platform Amada "Crawler" Doyle "or" beech air defense system. Similar to the Soviet heavy tank general chassis developed a series of armoured fighting vehicles with "development thinking, Amata heavy crawler platform universal series of fighting vehicles, such as heavy infantry fighting vehicles, engineering vehicles, heavy armored vehicles, tanks, tank support reconnaissance and control car etc.. U.S. military has long been a series of unmanned combat vehicles, the main attempt to remotely automated combat vehicles instead of duty officers to reduce casualties caused by the war in the security. But still in the testing phase, there is still a long distance from the real equipment.相关的主题文章: