The reporter visits the long-distance bus station cattle Wai Station high-speed bus drop off-super bass

The reporter visits the long-distance bus station: cattle Wai Station bus speed drop off late on July 1st, Hebei Xingtai a sleeper bus to Shenyang Ji EA5566, to Tianjin Province, tire out of high speed crashed into the ditch, causing 26 Dead 4 injured. Tianjin police investigation said that in order to gain the benefits, the driver turned off the bus GPS, unauthorized change of route, to avoid regulation, leading to the disaster. Behind the Hebei EA5566 chaos, a serious lack of safety management. The bus line, despite the illegal showmanship phenomenon also did not converge. Recently, homicide No. 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37), Liuliqiao, make unannounced visits to the Beijing Sihui Zhaogongkou multiple bus station, found the cattle outside the station showmanship, DaBa Railway Station passenger (cargo) illegal phenomenon, and even a long-distance bus to Dora, secretly change the line, frequently on the high speed drop off. In the aspect of supervision, monitoring center of bus operating company, transportation bureau level two, were unable to achieve the real-time monitoring of the operation of the bus. Regulatory authorities have revealed that, as the main body of the supervision of bus operators, in order to economic benefits, often acquiesced in the irregularities in the operation of the vehicle, running for the bus buried hidden dangers. Call off the Yellow Cattle surrounded by long-distance bus station Liuliqiao coach station is one of the long-distance bus distribution center in Beijing, where the main long-distance bus to Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, etc.. In mid August, non holiday Liuliqiao long-distance passenger station is not much, but the station taxi drop off area is unusually lively. Active in the protagonist here does not come to a passenger car, but the station showmanship of cattle. Carrying the guest the taxi did not stop, seven or eight cattle will open the door greet up rush on like a swarm of hornets. "Where to go? For how many people? On this point, right?" Different passengers have helped cattle response, and brought out the trunk luggage, when passengers at the destination, "said cattle think little of a car, car, right away." Then pick up the phone began to contact. The vehicle information on each line of each station they are crystal clear shift, when the passenger said to go to the ticket window, immediately stop: "early without a ticket," or "said the station car had to wait until six at night, back at midnight." And they introduced the car, you can immediately go, and is also a regular car, security is guaranteed." If the passenger does not bother showmanship will cattle have followed all the way to the ticket hall, walking to. All the passengers in the station will be approached by cattle. In the ticket hall, the door of the station, near the subway station, crossing over the highway shouting off the cattle. Such cases are not isolated cases, etc., in the four Zhaogongkou long-distance station, on the road from the nearby bus station, subway to the station, also can call off the cattle encounter approached. August 16th, homicide No. 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) to Liuliqiao bus station, the ticket hall, a more than and 30 year old woman who accosted, said can help to find the car, she took out her mobile phone and began looking for someone in the mail list. August 16, 2016, Liuliqiao long distance station outside the temporary " waiting hall " cattle for passengers to write a ticket. "Zhengzhou five, UK相关的主题文章: