The prince to stay high for the father to play the Clippers to offer more

The prince to stay high for the Clippers refused to offer: dad play easier? Idiot princelings at sunspot sina sports news Beijing standard time on October 28th, according to the "Real "; GM reports, Austen – Rivers said recently, in order to stay in the dad coached the Losangeles clippers this summer, he refused the other team high price. In addition, Rivers also believes that all said "for his father to play more easily," people are idiots. This summer, Rivers in 3 years to $35 million 700 thousand and the Clippers to renew, shortly before he also spent $6 million 100 thousand to buy a house in Losangeles. But according to Rivers said, in order to stay in the clippers, he actually refused the other team more lucrative offer. There is news that the Rockets, nets and Nicks in the summer are expressed little interest in Rivers. "I chose to take less money just to get back here," said little Rivers,"…… I will not take this as a matter of course. I’ve been bad team, the league this season, only 4 to 5 teams have a realistic chance to win the championship, I believe that the Clippers are one. I will not take this as a matter of course. I know that if I go somewhere else, I’ll never be able to play for a team like this anymore. There are a lot of players who don’t have a chance in their lives." Doug – Rivers thought little Rivers for more time and more important role, the Clippers would lose him. "He could have had that opportunity," Rivers said. "But he’s still back. It means it’s much more important to win." Rivers also said that, in fact, playing for his father, much more difficult to play than the other coach. "This is not the case, those who believe that" people for their father to play more relaxed "are idiots, it really makes me angry," said little Rivers, "you can say," these people are idiots ", and write down this sentence." Little Rivers went on to say, "I’ve never been a dad, so there’s no easy thing to do. I had a basketball career, when I was successful, to become the number one player in high school, to become the first 10 and even the top 5 players in Duke University, my father was not at my side. So all of this is not me with extreme ease." (Chi Mei)  相关的主题文章: