The police Qinshou fraud cheats nine words monitor the student away from the trap in Beijing-baxia

The police Qinshou fraud cheats "nine words" monitor the student away from the trap – the new Beijing, Zhengzhou in September 20, (Han Zhangyun) "do not believe, do not disclose, not transfer". In September 20th, Huanghe Science and Technology College, Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau police anti fraud center false information fraud prevention information to teach the "nine words" motto to freshman who started going to school, warned students away from the network credit information fraud alert. 20, Huanghe Science and Technology College academic report hall All seats are occupied. In order to make the new polish eyes, all sorts of tricks to scam criminals, protect their personal and property safety, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police anti fraud center false information with a real case for freshmen on school safety lesson. In Zhengzhou, a relatively concentrated University Park, for example, from January to June this year, the police received a report of more than and 180 cases of information fraud, the network of part-time fraud from the beginning of the year, the network transaction fraud from 112. Since July alone, the network of 23 cases of part-time fraud, online transaction fraud from the 11." In the classroom, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau of anti fraud information center director Hao Rui first introduced to the students the information for college students in recent period. According to the police handling the case, Hao Rui will be prone to college students, multiple fraud cases were summarized, to explain how the majority of new students to prevent fraud. Hao Rui said that the common means of fraud in the case of college students cheated the following six: part-time work in the name of the brush single fraud, online shopping fraud, loan fraud network, apply for grants, scholarships and other scams, fraud posing as public security officers and steal QQ, posing as an acquaintance of fraud. For more than the form of fraud, Hao Rui introduced to the students of fraud prevention knowledge. "Those who claimed public security remittance requirements, those who ask you to send money to" security accounts ", those who receive subsidies, you should notify the winning first pay, usually notice ‘families’ prior to transfer, usually for personal and bank card information on the phone, who called you to open online banking acceptance inspection, all claiming to be the leader (the boss) remittance requirements, all the strange website (link) to register bank card information, please do not believe all." In addition, the police also gave college students nine word proverbs do not believe, do not disclose, do not transfer, in order to improve the vigilance of telecommunications fraud. "On the telephone and mobile phone SMS unknown source or origin, in a timely manner to hang up the phone, do not reply SMS mobile phone, do not give criminals the opportunity to further set trap. Consolidate their psychological defense, no matter what the situation, do not disclose to each other and their identity information, deposits, bank cards, etc.. Learn to understand the common sense of bank cards, no strangers remittances, transfers." Hao Rui told the students, in case of being cheated or relatives and friends to be cheated, to immediately report to the police, and provide liar account and contact details, so that the public security organs to carry out investigation to solve the case. It is understood that in September 1st this year, after the opening, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police have entered a number of colleges and universities, especially for freshmen to teach knowledge of fraud prevention. Telecommunications fraud cases also have相关的主题文章: