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Such as: "past the Sino Russian Friendship Stories" published in Beijing – the original title: "Sino Russian media exchange year gift books such as" past – Sino Russian Friendship Stories "published in the new Harbin on 26 September, (reporter Wang Dongliang) Heilongjiang Publishing Group 26, released the news, as the" Sino Russian media exchange year "gift works — the" events such as the Sino Russian Friendship Stories "– the official publication. "Sino Russian media exchange activities by the leaders of China and Russia in Moscow on 2015 jointly announced the launch of an international media exchange activities, activity time is scheduled for 2016 and 2017, activities aimed at improving the people’s understanding and mutual trust, consolidate the social basis of China Russia relations and promote the media to carry out global cooperation in news reports. According to the Heilongjiang provincial publishing group, the relevant person in charge of the book by more than China reporters in recent years to walk in between the two countries to record, combined with the party’s personal experience, the Chinese, the Russian controlled way, with a vivid and moving story to show the Chinese and Russia friendly exchanges between the two peoples, has a long history intimate feelings. "This is a very precious records of each work, the hero of the story was seen between the Chinese and Russian peoples friendship story, the protagonist is committed to record the Sino Russian cultural exchanges also have Chinese Russian poet, Professor of Russian President Putin Qinshou friendship medal etc.." The person in charge said. The responsible person said, as of 2016 the "Sino Russian media exchanges in tribute to the work, the book is Chinese record media on the Sino Russian friendship story, outstanding achievement is the media exchanges between China and russia. (end)相关的主题文章: