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The original rice cooker can do this, regret now know! Sohu and Ye Zijia has a like leaves and snack goods, so often toss to give her some of her favorite foods, such as cheese baked rice is her special love, before using the oven made out of there are a lot of fans friends that does not have an oven at home, and some friends to make the development of the electric rice leaves pot recipes, come, do you want to have the recipe! The electric cooker can do a lot of delicacy, including the cheese baked rice! Friends from afar bring red sausage with the full touch to cook, do Steamed Rice covered with red sausage, tomatoes, okra, cheese, simple and delicious, but also nutritious, the key is the child is love, but is not like that oven baked surface slightly crispy rice, but since there is no the oven with a rice cooker to realize, it can basically meet the delicacy of chowhound attached to it. [ingredients] Rice 400 grams, 80 grams of rice, sausage and a [ingredients] Ma Su mozzarella cheese 120 grams, 6 small tomato, 6 okra roots, sweet scented osmanthus 5 grams, a little salt [] ready raw material production steps. The rice and rice washing clean, in accordance with the proportion of adding water. (leaves suggest to the appropriate collocation of staple food grains, I basically do not eat white rice or millet Steamed Rice, either, or with sweet potato and purple sweet potato etc.) set to fine cooking the rice cooker according to their set. Small tomatoes cut into small pieces, cut into small pieces, okra sausage slices. If you want to learn and understand the characteristics of food and beverage technology more, or you are looking for the way venture Catering Technology (Hot pot, grilled fish, Chongqing small noodles etc.). Please add chef personal QQ micro signal: 385297, pay attention to the micro signal, so that you learn more about the food " unspoken rules "! Kyushu terminal restaurant business school website: cooked rice after adding red sausage. Add the tomatoes, okra, sprinkle a little salt. Sprinkle on Ma Su mozzarella cheese, and sweet scented osmanthus on the surface. (the foreign spices, no, so general family can not, of course willing to add Jiaha though, and actually taste very sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, the combination of Chinese and western. And the sweet scented osmanthus pictures leaves forget to shoot Again according to the cooking key. (note that before the water according to wipe the lid on it, so as not to affect the taste of cheese to drop, on the sausage itself is cooked, other materials are easily cooked, such as Ma Su, mozzarella cheese melted completely can be, not in the pot stew, to avoid water vapor drops, do so out of the surface is dry at the bottom, there is a little crispy rice, the taste is very fragrant.) Finished drawing. [tip] to pay attention to the details of their own characteristics according to the rice cooker to cook, a time; two, Ma Su mozzarella cheese is high in calories, not eat too much at a time; three, rice cookers and other recipes oven version of the cheese baked rice has a number of years in the public, the public number: yezidexiao)相关的主题文章: