The official China behind the fitness and leisure industry 3 trillion big cake ready

The official China behind the fitness and leisure industry 3 trillion "big cake" ready information: in the 2016 Xianyang City National Fitness Day festival, one thousand people gathered in Xianyang’s Union Square, square dance hop. Thousands of square dance. Zhang Yuanshe from the city road to the outdoor ride, from the square dance to the gym yoga, in every corner of the earth in China, in different forms of fitness and leisure activities are in full swing. 28, the State Council China for fitness and leisure industry development set a "road map" published "on accelerating the development of fitness and leisure industry guidance" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") pointed out that by 2025, the total size of China fitness and leisure industry will reach 3 trillion yuan (RMB, same below). China’s fitness and leisure industry ushered in the outbreak period." The Physical Education Department of Huazhong Normal University deputy director Chen Yuanxin said in an interview that the introduction of this opinion is prior to the State Council for the sports industry scale in 2025 more than 5 trillion "and" health Chinese 2030 "plan" the content of effective supplement. Views that play the role of multi-level capital market, support qualified enterprises listed on the fitness and leisure; to encourage qualified enterprises to issue corporate bonds to raise funds for the construction of fitness and leisure industry project. Nankai University Finance Development Institute Professor Tian technique pointed out that the current venture company of small enterprises, China fitness and leisure industry to achieve a majority, and difficult to issue bonds listed on the main board. However, from the perspective of the direction of guidance, fitness and leisure enterprises through mergers and acquisitions to expand the scale of access to the listing, bond qualification. In addition, Tian Lihui believes that small and medium-sized fitness and leisure companies do not have the qualifications listed on the main board, you can consider listed on the gem and three new board, in the country to encourage, there must be a way to go on the market." The opinion also pointed out, encourage around the establishment of fitness and leisure industry incubation platform, to provide support for the fitness and leisure field public entrepreneurship, innovation. In this regard, dune capital founding partner Liu Fan said, fitness and leisure industry 3 trillion of the market will attract more venture capital institutions, will lead to social and private capital poured into the fitness leisure market, "this is a sunrise industry." Tian technique said that the introduction of views for the current private investment will also play a role in boosting the weak. Chinese people continuously improve the consumption and demand of health fitness and leisure industry reached 3 trillion market guarantees in earnings from the expected case, will provide a new direction for the China private capital investment. It is worth noting that, to guide people to participate in fitness and leisure, the opinion is to perfect the relevant consumption policy, clearly pointed out that guide the insurance company according to the characteristics of leisure sports fitness and health of people of different ages, development of ground motion liability insurance, personal accident injury insurance. The Internet insurance service platform Hui optional network founder Ma Cunjun believes that participation in fitness and recreation sports, especially outdoor sports groups are the need of insurance services, and the specialized outdoor sports insurance products in China development lags behind, "this is a just demand, or a blue ocean, the future.相关的主题文章: