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The next thirty years, the children most need what ability? Sohu bestie unemployed mother fish. When she graduated from college, she entrusted her relationship to a large bank, a few years ago, is still a "golden rice bowl" that everyone admires. But with the major banks have laid off this year, the golden rice bowl can not be broken. "We have not learned the history of ‘sheep eat people’? I call this’ machine to eat people’." Originally, the fish where the bank introduced five electronic teller machine, can the vast majority of business for the ordinary window including the opening and cancellation of accounts, the loss of the bank, they will simply shut down the six window, leaving only a more complicated business. So, the six windows of the staff, including small fish, are unemployed. I suddenly thought of a few days ago won the Hugo prize in science fiction "Beijing fold" – in the world, even garbage sorting such fine work can be replaced by machines. The garbage processing machine is down, even the exploited is not qualified, can only live by technology torrent rolling over! But in reality, not all parents have this vision. I often hear some parents said: "I want the child to be able to relax, the best in the Hanlin Academy, a secure job, though not rich, but at least hungry." "After my child is not top-notch, almost like with others." The crowd is wisdom, contentment, Chang Le." "After he put his things well on it, they don’t care others" educated children are often in the crowd not striking, parrot, irresolute and hesitant, out of contact with anyone…… Wake up! Time is not the same! So down in the future, the child is really finished! The next thirty years, the children really need to have what ability? It is undeniable that the history of the development of human science and technology is a continuous use of machines to replace the artificial history. In this process, the "non intelligence factors" of the importance of the more prominent out — there is a growing need for a team to solve the production and life of the machines can not solve the complex problems. In this process, the value of leadership is highlighted. Speaking of the word leadership, many parents may feel some strange, even mysterious, which is also a misunderstanding. "Leadership only appeared in some children, is born, I do not have children"; "I don’t want to let my children when the leadership, do not need to develop leadership"; "leadership is houheixue, will let the children learn early power and snobbish"…… In fact, leadership is not a mystery, the United States and the United States that the ability to solve problems together, that is, leadership. But how to let others help you solve the problem? In this process, it relates to the three core elements of Leadership: 1, influence and control, not management, but a kind of charisma, teaching capacity. We will be passionate speech infection and blood boiling, will be a.相关的主题文章: