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The new King three day 0 single 12 only a day can take over Kobe online only a burst?…… Sina sports news Beijing time on November 9th, the Lakers against Dallas Mavericks, with the last quarter of the Mavericks to play a stable, the final 109 to 97 victory over the Lakers made a winning streak of two. The Lakers game player Dean Gilo – Russell played 25 minutes, 9 voted 12 to get 5 points, also had 7 assists and 5 rebounds. Russell played poorly in the first half of the game, the foul plagued him in the offensive side can not find the handle, can only pass the opportunity to create a teammate pass. At the end of the first half, Russell scored three fouls, only sent a 5 assists. The third day Russell finally ushered in the outbreak, 5 minutes and 01 seconds, he borrowed the Mozi cover, met Mathews’s defensive hit the game’s first three points. After 4 minutes and 25 seconds, Russell again. He then Randall left cover pass, forty-five degree angle of a hand hit a record three points, helping the team will be reduced to 3 points difference. As the team’s point guard, Russell can get the trust of Walton mainly in the offensive side to his teammates to share the ball. When Russell firepower, not greedy of the Lakers, Russell rush, no look pass to Mozi a second pass, the latter hands vigorously for the team morale by frame. The last twelve minutes, Russell once again into a scoring drought, the hot section of the third hand did not extend to the end of the game. In the Lakers key chase stage, Russell missed the chance to continue life three points. But the Lakers can swallow a defeat in the home court. The Lakers’ momentum did not allow them to win four games at home. After Kobe retired, a state known as the successor of Russell is the Lakers still slow. For Russell to become the core of the team leader, at the critical moment need to give the team more help, so as to demonstrate his ability. (Shen Wei) statement: exclusive articles, please indicate the source.相关的主题文章: