The new house has not yet reached the personal information has been leaked through the sale of QQ We minmi

The house has yet to get personal information leaked through the QQ gang WeChat sells the owner information using the database master a lot of personal information of citizens rights maintenance, the personal information of citizens to sell packaged decoration companies, furniture companies, housing intermediary and so on, the price ranging from 0.5 yuan 0.25 yuan each — reselling, resulting in a large number of leakage of personal information of citizens, and citizens people bring great distress. Yesterday, Wuchang police announced that a whole chain of reselling personal information of citizens is knocked out from the line to line 8 of the suspects were arrested suspected of infringement of citizens’ personal information. New house yet to get personal information was leaked in early September of this year, Wuchang yujiatou police station received a number of new projects have not yet submitted within the jurisdiction of the public alarm, said frequently received unknown sales calls, SMS harassment, can accurately report their name, phone number, purchase of specific projects and the purchase area. Sales for decoration decoration company, furniture home company. Wuchang police plainclothes police into the area of much home decoration decoration company, furniture and building materials stores, collected a large amount of reliable information. At noon on September 18th, the Criminal Investigation Brigade, Yu Jiatou police station by plainclothes Dunshou dispatched, in the street Ou Yada Home Furnishing market in a furniture shop, the shop will be 26 year old employees, Honghu people arrested Zhang, to extract the evidence sale of residential property owners of personal information in the mobile phone and notebook. According to Zhang explained, all his information is to buy a yo know my heart "of users in Wuhan business exchange group, the users are more active in the group, energy appears to be large, the police investigation, that" yo know my heart "named Hou, police on the day in Zhuankou when Washington learned Hou the 24 year old (Enshi Jianshi people) arrested. Found a large number of owners of personal information in the mobile phone, notebook computer houmou, and form a complete chain of evidence. In addition, Zhang also confessed that he had bought from Hou somewhere, and sold to the lemon tree decoration design engineering company, Liu (male, 25 years old, Hunan Chenzhou people), Humou (male, 34 years old, with the county of Hubei people). Police quickly captured the two men. A number of real estate owners sale data of 300 thousand sold 60 thousand pieces of information for the information source as soon as possible to stop the leak, the police in accordance with the principle of hot pursuit by the bottom line, and the layers of catch. Kim has been arrested (male, 34 years old, Xinzhou, seized the information of the 200 thousand), Liu (male, aged 21, Hubei, Hanchuan, seized information on the 300 thousand). Kim and Liu Moudou are the decoration company clerk, because their business needs, dinner time in the understanding of a decoration company director Zhang Shayang, this information is bought from the hands of zhang. Police investigation that Zhang, 32 years old, Hubei, Shayang, has been removed from the decoration company. September 21st, police arrested him in the nine peak zhang. Zhang finally confessed the sale of information source: Lu, Shanghai Hong Chi Mdt InfoTech Ltd employees. In September 22nd, the police use lvmou train station to pick up the occasion and arrested him. Lu Shanghai Hongzhi Mdt InfoTech Ltd.相关的主题文章: