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The new Ford maverick listed, SYNC 3 and CarPlay fun – Sohu car last night, Changan Ford announced the new Ford maverick officially listed, including 1.5 liter EcoBoost® 180 models and 2 liter EcoBoost® 245 models, a total of 7 models available to consumers, the price range of 193800 yuan to 275800 yuan, the price and the old maverick exactly the same, only a 2 liter displacement model. This morning, my brother in Shanghai for the first time to drive the car, compared to the previous old maverick, regardless of appearance or power, or in the control of the SYNC 3 system, my brother felt that the new Ford maverick has greatly improved. Especially SYNC 3, it’s fun. [appearance] daytime running lights to improve the identification degree honestly, for my brother the face blindness patients, to find out the old models and the new models are different, must put two cars put together to complete. But the contrast of the new wing tiger and the old Maverick is relatively obvious, the new maverick face with sharp boundary like trapezoidal design appears to be a small sharp boundary. The official’s words, the family of the Ford logo design appearance, trapezoidal grille and headlights perfectly clear lines of large size solid fusion". But my brother think, LED daytime running lights all standard, make a lot of new maverick is fashionable. In addition, the new maverick are trying to do in the light the above articles, for example, all models of standard LED taillight styling with a new. Vehicle color configuration, but also a scientific problem. Remember when Fawkes had listed the judgment, red will sell best, after the listing of results found that white is we most love color, so in the late production adjustment for each color vehicle production proportion. The new Ford maverick provides up to 9 kinds of body color, including the new increase of the brown and blue Canyon Han 2 new choice, and full color to natural style name, let each color becomes yearning. This is a bit to the luxury brand line. [power] in the East China Sea Bridge overtaking feeling very cool the same EcoBoost engine, power will be different? The data on the new maverick 2 engine maximum horsepower is older than the original more than 3PS, and curb weight loss of 16 kg, the change is not too large. But my brother driving feeling is very good. The test drive is from Shanghai Lake by Crowne Plaza of Donghai Bridge to Zhejiang Yangshan town and then return, in nearly 100 km long running, Donghai Bridge accounted for the majority of. Donghai Bridge from the mainland has been extended to the sea, to walk on, both sides are the misty sea, feeling running in the cloud. It feels good to overtake on it. The new Ford maverick just needs a little deep step can burst out, "the power", head coach car even run 90 miles an hour, had to repeatedly remind drive buddies do not exceed. ]]相关的主题文章: