The new energy vehicle market in Waterloo has become the biggest variable expenses scandal-mkdv-02

The new energy vehicle market in Waterloo has become the biggest variable expenses scandal morning news reporter Lin Jinyu sales decline, huge fines have been released, the new energy car prices Gingerlily spent September. Data show that a number of agencies, in September, the country’s new energy vehicle market sales grew by only 43.8%, plug-in hybrid cars or even negative growth. However, Shanghai new energy automobile sales market growth, an increase of about 90%. At present, the national auto market every sold a new energy vehicles, there is a market from Shanghai, on the basis of national and local subsidies, Shanghai also joined the district subsidies. The new energy car downturn this year continued selling plug-in hybrid cars or even a decline in sales, according to the Automobile Association statistics, in September 43 thousand the production of new energy vehicles, sales of 44 thousand vehicles, an increase of only 25.7% and 43.8% respectively. Among them, the pure electric car sales were completed 34 thousand vehicles and 35 thousand, year-on-year growth of 31.6% and 63.1% respectively; the plug-in hybrid car sales were completed 8 thousand and 9 thousand, production increased by 6.3%, sales fell 2.1%. 1-9 months, the new energy vehicle production 302 thousand, sales of 289 thousand vehicles, an increase of 93% and respectively, an increase of 100.6%. Among them, the pure electric car sales were completed 229 thousand and 216 thousand, respectively, an increase of 118.1% and 128.4%, plug-in hybrid vehicle production and sales are completed by the same period, an increase of 41.7% and 47.2%, respectively. Cheat up event has become the biggest variable in September, a lot of new energy automobile enterprises in fear through, cheat up event to become the new energy market the biggest variable. Yesterday, Jinlong automobile announced that the Ministry of finance will recover the company in 2015 the central government allocated 519 million yuan of funds, and intends to impose a fine of $50% on the amount of violations of the company fined 259 million 600 thousand yuan. September, the Ministry of Finance informed the new energy vehicles, cheat supplement 5 typical cases, involving more than 1 billion yuan of central government grants. At the same time announced on the "car power" and "inconsistent marking", as well as idle vehicles problems of enterprise solutions. As a listed company Jinlong car suffered a slump. Cheat fill incident on the impact of the new energy vehicle market is still fermenting. Lifan has become another home in the penalty cheat up investigation in enterprises. This week, Lifan shares announced that, as part of the new energy vehicles subsidy does not meet the reporting conditions, nearly 100 million yuan subsidy of central finance will be revoked and cancelled; Lifan passenger cars in 2016 the central financial subsidy funds earmarked for. Previously, Lifan shares had allegedly circulated cheat up the list of clarification. We believe that the impact of fraud has been released, the new energy industry is expected to rebound before the end of the year." Hualong securities analysis pointed out that the new energy vehicles are a new round of subsidy scheme may be introduced in October, cheat up event will enable the new energy automotive industry to obtain power for the healthy growth of the technical progress, improve efficiency, and product.相关的主题文章: