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The Ministry of environmental protection: Heilongjiang straw fire the first large-scale haze culprit – Sohu news in November 7th, the Ministry of environmental protection Environmental Satellite Application Center test data show that during the period from October 31, 2016 to November 6th, the environmental satellite monitoring to straw burning fire point 756, of which 580 fire points in Heilongjiang Province ranked first, accounting for the total national fire monitoring 76.7% points, 66 points of fire far more than the second in Shanxi province. In addition, environmental satellite October 24th -10 30 data also show that the current Heilongjiang fire points to 521, also ranked first in the country. Surging news () reported that in November 6th, the Ministry of environmental protection at the meeting, some areas of Heilongjiang province winter heating coal and straw burning emissions is the main cause of regional large-scale heavy pollution "". According to reports, the monitoring data show that coal and biomass combustion (i.e. straw burning) and motor vehicle emissions is the main contribution of PM2.5 pollution in Harbin City, accounted for about 35-40%, 20-30% and 20%. In fact, Heilongjiang, as well as the three northeastern provinces of straw burning air pollution, as early as the same period in 2015 had raised concerns. At that time, the Ministry of environmental protection in November 11, 2015 to respond, said it had asked the government Heilongjiang, Jilin two provinces to take effective measures to strengthen the supervision and examination of rapid implementation of the straw jinshao. This year, the Ministry of environmental protection has sent 12 inspection teams to Tianjin, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong and other key areas to carry out heavy pollution weather emergency supervision. The results of the inspection referred to, satellite remote sensing, Heilongjiang straw burning fire point reached 415, accounting for about 83% of the country’s total. The results of the inspection also said that in September in Harbin city of heavy pollution weather emergency plan has been re editing, but the inspection found in addition to a small part of enterprises required to complete the revised measures, the other in the list of Enterprises Limited production stop, said they were not clear, do not understand. In this regard, Northeast Forestry University law professor Zhou Yuhong analysis, the burning of straw can be said to be the local farmers act "in recent years, the northeast is changed into gas heating, straw is no longer needed as firewood burning, so that the majority of farmers, in situ combustion is convenient, and the fertile earth." In fact, in October this year, Heilongjiang Province issued the "Heilongjiang province ban burning straw field to improve the quality of atmospheric environment plan", Harbin City, Suihua city and other areas of straw Jinshao district. The program encourages around the new city to promote the use of straw briquette boiler (steam) to replace the existing coal-fired boilers, the straw Jinshao weekly reporting system, implement daily business in the critical period. At the same time, the straw Jinshao poor organization, polytopy burning straw county (city and district), the provincial government will interview the main person in charge of the municipal government, and be criticized. Causing serious consequences, will be held responsible for the relevant units and staff. Professor Zhou Yuhong said, it can be seen that the Heilongjiang provincial government has been active in.相关的主题文章: