The material and reason of practical education under the concept of innovation and

The "material" and "reason" of practical education under the concept of innovation and development — Education — the innovation of people’s power is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of a country. Innovation ability is not strong, the country development can overcome the Achilles heel. As the development of economy and society of talent output, intellectual output, colleges should take the spirit of innovation in the reform of education and teaching in Yong times deep water, especially in educational practice, the real method of scientific methods, the students of thinking, and the input of theoretical knowledge into practice so that the output of innovation. The scientific theory for fermentation the spirit of science, teaching and educating people win a win-win situation. All along, Hubei University to encourage and support the various disciplines to carry out innovative teaching practice, efforts to solve the new era of college students lack of practical ability, the overall quality is not high, lack of innovation and other issues. Among them, College of physics and Electronic Science from the perspective of coordination theory, the integration of national characteristic specialty, the national teaching team, provincial experimental teaching demonstration center etc. multi resources, explore a collaborative innovation practice teaching way, to promote the innovation and development of the concept of practice education. Three yuan collaborative training model to practice the "things are not homogeneous, the sentiment of things" ancient Chinese thinker Meng Zi said: "things are not the same, the feelings of things." Everything in the world is different, and the cultivation of talents should follow this rule. Different students have different endowments, different hobbies, how to let the students according to their aptitude, find their own path of development in the same field, educators need to examine and consider the issue. School of physics and electronic science, Hubei University, "school -" "school – enterprise", "school – School" three yuan collaborative training model to enhance the personalized training, embodies the humanistic characteristics. School use synergy theory, based on the physical diversified personnel training program, training of Physics Majors: classification and theoretical physics and other scientific research institutes to carry out school, "collaboration, training talents and theoretical physics; Hangzhou Jingke Teaching Instrument Co. and other business units to carry out school – enterprise cooperation, physical training applied talents; and the city of Wuhan in the forty-nine secondary schools" school – school collaboration, training talents of physics teachers. Three yuan in the cooperative training mode of "people-oriented, individualized" personalized training idea at the same time, make full use of campus practice resources, realize the linkage of school practice teaching, not only to promote the construction of practice base for a number of high quality college students’ practice, and for the employment of students and further broaden the channels. Over the past five years, physics students enrollment rate of about 40%, the employment rate of more than 95%. Students apply for a wide range of professional distribution, apply for a higher level of the school, in addition to engaging in the employment of students in secondary school physics teaching, a lot of TCL group and other well-known enterprises and institutions. The cooperation with enterprises and institutions outside the school, set up including forty-nine secondary schools in Wuhan, students of high quality teaching practice base, with the Wuhan City Department of Education Education Science Research Institute and other research institutes have maintained long-term cooperation, presided over the organization of Hubei Province Education Department of teachers management office to improve the quality of teachers in primary and secondary schools in Hubei Province engineering training project, the total number of training)相关的主题文章: