The man took the money forgot to pull the card a few minutes time 10 thousand and 8 was taken away kaya scodelario

The man took the money forgot to pull the card a few minutes to be taken 10 thousand and 8 original title: take money forgot to pull the card a few minutes it was removed eighteen thousand days, Changchun people Mr. White very upset. Some time ago, his mother-in-law was ill and was admitted to the hospital. Unexpectedly, one thing happened on the 15, so that a more upset — their own bank card, let the stranger took ten thousand yuan of money. Mr. White said, last Saturday, my wife in the four street a bank teller machine to take money, my mother-in-law to see a doctor. After two thousand, he left." May be thinking about the mother’s illness, Mr. White’s lover some negligence, leaving, his bank card is still in the atm. When she got home, she remembered her bank card does not seem to come out. The ATM machine is very close to home. It only takes three or four minutes to walk. My wife came back from the bank, and then returned to the bank a total of seven or eight minutes, on the moment, the card did not, the money was taken away by the $eighteen thousand." Mr. White said that the money is more than these, but only one day after the withdrawal of 20 thousand yuan, the lover took out $2000, the person can only take out 18 thousand yuan. Found the money was taken away, Mr. White and his wife rushed to the west five Street police station reported to the police. The police took two people rushed to the bank, and obtain a surveillance video, found me a woman, dressed in a purple hooded sweater, also sets out a vest, a total of 6 times to take the money, the amount of withdrawals is full, just leave the card. Jilin Jixiang lawyer Liu Haibo introduced, according to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate "about picking up another credit card and automated teller machine (ATM machine) approved" problem on how to use the act of picking up other’s credit card and the operation behavior of money in the ATM machine, which belongs to the fraudulent use of credit cards, as credit card fraud. At the same time, the provisions of criminal law in the "credit card" including savings card, but is not limited to life usually refers to the overdraft credit card; "picked up" including people forget this behavior in ATM machine operation. In addition, the "criminal law" provisions of article 196th, picked up another credit card and use, which belongs to the "fraudulent use of credit card, the amount of 5000 yuan less than 50 thousand yuan, suspected to constitute the crime of credit card fraud, 5 years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention, and impose a fine of twenty thousand yuan and 200 thousand yuan. Mr. White said that the money is for the money to prepare for the mother in law. Mother is still in hospital, the urgent need, want to see the woman newspaper reports will take the initiative to return the money. Mr. Bai said, as long as you can immediately pay back the money, not to pursue its legal responsibility. In addition, if you see the woman in the picture, please call our hotline 0431-96618, or call 110. The new cultural reporter editor: Joe SN098’s Pink相关的主题文章: