The Ma Ying-Jeou court and the judge in court captured incitement

The Ma Ying-Jeou court and incite the judge in court captured the original title: kill the whole! The Ma Ying-Jeou court and the judge in court "alive" inciting Ma Ying-Jeou to the identity of the accused personally appear in court, and said that after the court, court justice, and stressed his innocence. (source: Taiwan "electronic newspaper") China Taiwan network November 8th hearing DPP legislators Ke Jianming accused a former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou called the "leakage" and "illegal wiretapping case today (8) afternoon, this is Ma Ying-Jeou after leaving office, first as a defendant in court. On the court, Ma Ying-Jeou refers to the destruction of justice Chien Ming Ke Ke; argued that the case is a political struggle, Ma Ying-Jeou also said the talk rubbish, confuse truth and falsehood. According to Taiwan "Central News Agency" and other media reports, Ke Jianming recently accused Ma Ying-Jeou in Taiwan prosecutors investigating the case of suspected judicial lobbying "leakage", put forward the private prosecution to the Taipei district court, the court today summoned Ma Ying-Jeou to the identity of the accused court hearing. Ke Jianming before 2 pm arrived at the north entrance to the court, Ma Ying-Jeou arrived at 2:20 in the afternoon, due to a large number of people gathered outside, the police dispatched 160 police officers in charge of security, prevent conflicts. Xu Tingxun began at 2:35 in the afternoon, the judge will hear today focused on September 1, 2013 in the Republic of China Ma Ying-Jeou involving "abetting" before "attorney general" Huang Shiming "leak", and in September 11th the same year Ma involving "defamation" Ke Jianming 2 cases. Ma Ying-Jeou Ke Chien Ming early speech, Ma Ke that in 3 years the private prosecution case is the premise to shift the focus, more emphasis on "I have no crime, but anyone should not in the case of judicial intervention or the destruction of the most basic justice, this is the problem can not be avoided, major issues issues of right and wrong. Ke Jianming in a statement when the nature of the case is countered, "fake office said the case closed, the political struggle", and threatened to Ma Ying-Jeou as soon as possible "confession" and so on. Ke Chien Ming advocate more court urged the court to consider custody of Ma Ying-Jeou, in order to avoid the horse from Taiwan after gone (Ma Ying-Jeou scheduled for November 15th went to Malaysia to participate in the "World Chinese economic summit). The presiding judge said that the court will be formally split, to be decided after the review. When the judge asked both sides to the next session, there are no plans to leave Taiwan, Ma Ying-Jeou said himself in 15 to 23 days away from the table, but also shows that he has returned to Taiwan to court; at the end, the court ordered the case to trial again in January 10th next year. The end of the court hearing, Ke Jianming earlier than the departure of Ma Ying-Jeou, said before the departure of the media to the media, said the departure of Mr. Ma Ying-Jeou. "I have faith in my innocence". Right now, Ma Ying-Jeou is litigation ridden, stalls lawsuit is far from trial today called "leakage" and "illegal wiretapping case". According to Taiwan media reported earlier, the green camp has recently listed the "eight case" go forward with great strength and vigour, want to kill Ma Ying-Jeou. Deputy Secretary General Ma Ying-Jeou’s office before long Luo Zhiqiang said earlier, after Ma Ying-Jeou horn has sounded, in addition to the "green sea litigation strategy" for all of Ma Ying-Jeou’s abuse to green and green, more comprehensive media through various biased views, and create a social atmosphere of Ma Ying-Jeou guilty, thought the judicial liquidation of Jun相关的主题文章: