The library will fly ball game last night at the Thanksgiving dinner is too rich-纪元1701

Will the ball fly: curry at Thanksgiving dinner last night game too rich Curitiba button fly Sina dunk at sports news Beijing time on November 27th, according to U.S. media reports, the Jinzhou warriors beat the Losangeles Lakers yesterday’s game, Stephen curry in an unguarded buckle basket inadvertently will the ball fly. After the game, Curitiba in social media ridicule said that is because the game the night before Thanksgiving meal too good to eat. Although the warriors with a 109-85 victory over the Lakers, but coach Cole is not satisfied with the performance of the team. "This is one of the worst basketball games I’ve ever seen in my life." Cole said after the game, "our performance is very bad, the performance of the opponent is also very bad, tickets to watch the game live audience should be refund. I’m not kidding, it’s really a bad game." Cole is dissatisfied with the warriors too many turnovers (18) and can not expand the lead. "I don’t know. Maybe it was because we had too much Turkey the night before." Cole said. Yesterday’s game, Curitiba missed a fast break dunk. For this is expected to be in Austria fat five embarrassed moment, the Lakers did not miss his natural home court. Since then, the staples live on the big screen playback library into the library and dunk, can do is laugh. "I’ve also seen the scene into the dunk." Curry said, "I will not suffer setbacks, so this is nothing." Competition for the third quarter, Curitiba steals the Lakers guard Calderon, this time, the library did not waste the fast break opportunities, but firmly hit a layup, get two points. "I was hitting the backboard, just to prove it." Curry said after the game with a smile. Wait until the end of the game, the library also sent a tweet, and drying out he smashed the ball fly photos. "When the game the night before Thanksgiving dinner is too big # basket under the" curry wrote. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: