The latest U.S. military destroyer service artillery shells in case 500 can not afford to

The U.S. military’s new destroyer shells 500 in case can not afford to buy pieces of the original title: beautiful new destroyer a shell 800 thousand is too expensive can not afford to fight the U.S. military’s new ton destroyer quotzumwaltquot service last month, is facing a serious problem: the shell is too expensive, can not afford to fight. The ship set advanced technology in a new battleship with two 155 millimeter caliber gun stealth design, high-speed shells fired the farthest range of approximately 112 km, and the use of GPS guidance, speed up to 10 rounds per minute, devoted to the fight against the inland, long range, high precision, strong firepower. However, the price of such shells is also very good, as high as $800 thousand (about 5 million 450 thousand yuan). Although the "Walter Walter" can carry 600 shells, but The Associated Press reported on the 13, the Navy budget in fiscal year 2018 only intends to buy a draft of the budget in the first half of the year, the World Health Organization, the World Health Organization () reported only 90. The intention is to use this type of warship gun distance against land targets, instead of expensive cruise missile. However, the reality is that the price of a projectile with a Tomahawk cruise missile has not much difference between the latter and expensive $200 thousand, but the range of more than 1000 kilometers. United States, defense news website quoted a Navy official said, $800 thousand a hair, perhaps too cheap. "This price may be low, because the purchasing department wants to press this price". Reported that, due to the shells are too expensive, the U.S. Navy has intended to give up, instead of looking for affordable alternative ammunition. According to Xinhua news agency editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: