The knight switched the magic God, and the chips were his old iron gates-tianbi

Magic Knight for Bowmaster chips is he? The former iron gate now bench Anderson sent out? Sina sports news Beijing on February 18th news, according to the "Sports Illustrated" report, the NBA trade deadline in sight, there is news that Cleveland at the Orlando magic forward Channing Frye, they have been quoted in the Brazil actor Anderson varejao. ESPN expert Mark Stein said: "sources, the Knights have bid, with Anderson Varejao quotes Channing Frye, prevent the Clippers [micro-blog] on Frye’s trading." The transaction success mainly depends on the knight can get Ryan Andersen [microblogging] from the Orleans pelicans, or other can make a bigger deal. Ryan Anderson and Frye is almost play power forward, two people are tall but who can shoot the three ball players, but Anderson strength is more outstanding. Fulaiben season games are played 17.1 minutes, scored 5.2 points and 3.2 rebounds and 1 assists, 0.5 blocks, 43.5% shooting, three hits 39.7%. Anderson averaged 31 minutes, 16.7 points, 5.9 rebounds, 1.1 assists, 0.6 blocks, 43.1% hits and three hits in 38.3% games this season. Prior to the news, local time this Tuesday, the magic has agreed to Northrop Frye sent to the Losangeles clippers, in exchange for Lance – Stephenson and C.J. – Wilcox. But the Clippers demand a moratorium and other deals related to Stephenson. If he gets Stephenson, the magic will cut him off, and he earns more than $9 million in 2017, but it’s totally insecure. In the transaction extension, Knight stepped in, offer frye. There is news that the transaction is simple for Varejao fry one on one, no other people involved. The magic, they have been oelsen – Ilya Sova (in exchange for Tobias – Harris), their four position is not a lack of people, this is the reason.’. Vallejo is now introduced and added to the number four, but Vallejo doesn’t play, and he plays a role in the dressing room. And he can make magic a little bit of salary space. (goo DA)

骑士换魔术神射筹码是他? 昔日铁闸如今冷板凳 瓦莱乔送的出去吗?   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月18日消息,据《体育画报》报道,NBA交易截止期近在眼前,有消息称克里夫兰骑士瞄准了奥兰多魔术大前锋钱宁-弗莱,他们已经用巴西影帝安德森-瓦莱乔进行报价。   ESPN专家马克-斯坦因透露:“消息人士透露,骑士已经出价了,用安德森-瓦莱乔报价钱宁-弗莱,防止快船[微博]对弗莱的交易。”   这笔交易能否成功,主要取决于骑士能否从新奥尔良鹈鹕拿到莱恩-安德森[微博],或者能否做成其他更大的交易。   莱恩-安德森和弗莱是球风差不多的大前锋,两人都是身材高大但能投三分球的球员,但安德森实力更加出色。弗莱本赛季场均出战17.1分钟,得到5.2分3.2篮板1.0助攻0.5封盖,命中率43.5%,三分命中率39.7%。安德森本赛季场均出战31分钟,得到16.7分5.9篮板1.1助攻0.6封盖,命中率43.1%,三分命中率38.3%。   此前有消息称,当地时间本周二,魔术已经同意将弗莱送到洛杉矶快船,换来兰斯-斯蒂芬森和C.J。-威尔考克斯。但快船要求暂缓交易,还要研究一下与斯蒂芬森相关的其他交易。如果得到了斯蒂芬森,魔术会裁掉他,他在2017年的年薪超过900万美元,但是完全无保障的。   就在交易延期时,骑士趁虚而入,报价了弗莱。有消息称,瓦莱乔换弗莱的交易是简单的一对一,没有其他人参与其中。   魔术方面,他们已经得到了厄尔森-伊尔亚索瓦(用托比亚斯-哈里斯换来),他们四号位上本来就不缺人,这也是送走弗莱的理由。现在引入瓦莱乔,又增添了四号位的人数,不过瓦莱乔就算不上场,在更衣室里也有作用。而且他可以让魔术略微获得一点薪金空间。   (咕哒)相关的主题文章: