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The King considered all star coaching exposure or fired again after a tough coach George Karl may be the king fired sina sports news Beijing time on February 7th, according to ESPN reports, ailing kings began to consider fired coach George – Carle again, but management may wish to end all star weekend before make a decision. Yesterday, the king lost 119-128 to the nets, suffered sixth in 7 games in defeat, which makes the management of the king’s start to consider coaching. Before the all star weekend, the king had 3 away games, Celtic, Cavaliers and 76 people. It’s not clear if Carle will be able to lead the next 3 away games, and it’s not clear if the king decides to fire Carle, who will arrange him as the agent manager?. But one possibility, according to people familiar with the matter, is that the king’s teaching assistant, Chris Williamson, acted as the acting coach of the kings. The local time this morning, "USA Today" reported that Carle of the contract by the amount of protection may affect the king’s management decided to move. YAHOO sports first reported that the king was strongly considering dismissing Carle. "I’m not going to blame these guys in the dressing room." "Energy and effort are an important part of the game," said Cousins, who lost three nets after the king lost to the nets yesterday. But I’m not going to blame that. We still have bigger problems, and our team needs to work together to solve this problem." "I would rather put the problem inside the team, but we obviously have problems more serious than energy and effort. It can’t be an excuse for losing every game. I hope we can solve this problem." In fact, Carle in November last year had a coaching crisis, but he eventually survived. If the 64 year old coach was fired, then he will be dismissed since December 2014 third king boss. (Rosen)

曝国王再次考虑换帅 全明星后或解雇强硬老帅 乔治卡尔或许会被国王解雇   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月7日,据ESPN报道,近况不佳的国王队再次开始考虑解雇主帅乔治-卡尔,不过管理层可能希望等到全明星周末结束之后再做决定。   昨天,国王以119-128负于篮网,遭遇了近7场比赛里的第6场失利,这使得国王队的管理层重新开始考虑换帅。   在全明星周末到来之前,国王还剩3个客场比赛,对手分别是:凯尔特人、骑士和76人。   目前并不清楚卡尔是否能带队打完这接下来的3个客场比赛,同时也不清楚如果国王决定解雇卡尔,他们会安排谁来担任代理主帅。但是据知情人士透露,一种可能性是国王队的助教克里斯-威廉姆森担任国王队的代理主帅。   当地时间今晨,《今日美国》报道称卡尔合同里的受保障金额可能影响到国王管理层的换帅决定。而雅虎体育率先报道称国王队正在强烈考虑解雇卡尔。   “我不打算在更衣室里责怪这些家伙。”昨天国王负于篮网的赛后,拿下三双的考辛斯这样说道,“能量和努力是比赛的一个重要组成部分。但是我不会继续指责这点。我们还存在更大的问题,我们全队需要一起解决这个问题。”   “我更希望把问题放在球队内部解决,但是我们显然存在着比能量和努力更严重的问题。它不能成为每场比赛输球后的借口。希望我们能解决这个问题。”   事实上,卡尔在去年11月就曾经历过一次换帅危机,但是他最终挺过来了。如果这位现年64岁的老帅最终被解雇,那么他将成为自2014年12月以来被解雇的第三位国王主帅。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: