The guy to hatch more than 1 thousand and 300 snake 25 will be

The guy to hatch more than 1 thousand and 300 snake 25 will be released in September 22nd, Peng Han took out a home hatched snake. 25 this month, the snake will be brought to the intersection of Changsha County town of Dashanchong Forest Park released. Reporter Chen Yunjiao figure in the fable, the snake is not a popular character, sinister vicious and mysterious. In real life, the snake has a less pleasing appearance, and sometimes think of all feel creepy. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to put thousands of snakes in the house. However, the 24 year old Changsha guy Peng han to do so. He will have his own bedroom, specifically placed snake eggs to hatch, then. There are more than 1 thousand and 300 snakes in his house. Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Luo Yige 22 on the morning of 11, Peng Han came to his home downstairs. When he walked into his cell door, guard uncle Tanchunaodai immediately shouted: "hey! Your family came out last night! Hidden in the ground where I don’t know where to go." Peng Han seemed embarrassed, anxious to explain to each other: this weekend will be processed!" After walking a few steps, and don’t like turned and added: "they are very small, no poison, harmless." "Hankou", "more than 1 thousand and 300". He loves the snake "on it gently, it scared you hurt it" Peng Han is Changsha Wild Animal Protection Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a volunteer, since the childhood love of snakes. When he saw the snake dealer dealing with the eggs, he would come back and put them in the house. His family has a special snake room, the room has more than and 20 transparent plastic box, there are a total of more than 1 thousand and 300 snakes. September 22nd, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Peng came to the Chinese home, saw the piles of loach thin young snake. Han Peng said, the 25 day he will these snakes brought to Changsha County junction town of Dashanchong Forest Park released. He placed the snake in a room, which was his bedroom. Now he’s in his parents’ bedroom. He said he had a special feeling about snakes. "At that time just on the primary school, literacy is not much, I will go to the library too special information about snakes." In 2013, he happened to see from the Internet association of doing a wild snake, think "found a common vision with his own man, so after returning from overseas joined the association, to become a volunteer. In mid June this year to the end of July, he has been wandering in the Changsha West The Strip seafood market, see the snake dealer processing snake eggs stepped up with people close to talk about things, sometimes spend more than ten dollars to buy a pack of cigarettes, let them put the snake eggs to me". Peng Han introduction, the cost of raising a snake is not low, the need for a variety of technology and capital investment, snakes on the living environment requirements are relatively high. At present, the snake dealers lack of mature processing technology, the end of the general snake eggs is thrown away after the centralized incineration". Speaking of this, Peng Han suddenly stopped. "Being destroyed is a kind of disposal, so why not give it to me?" When speaking, Peng Han from time to time by hand on hand to appease the cauliflower snake. When remember star相关的主题文章: