The function of home appliances is better, but it may not be able to use it in the end-音羽かなで

Home appliance function better? But in the end may be a lot of you are not using only addition appliances, experience is not necessarily good recently bought a small electric cooker, of course, is to make it easier to soup, but the electric cooker only, the above function is really much to make people feel stupid that not only can cook some soup, but also porridge. This is not the end of it, in addition to the soup and porridge, the electric cooker can still cook dessert. Xiao Bian did not bother to study, really used this pot, no matter what are the basic cooking soup, fish soup directly choose this one, the other on the matter. Heart really sigh, do so many functions why? Or just do a start button, help me cook the soup on the line, too many features, it is difficult to analyze in the end what good. In addition to electric cooker and other appliances, function is also growing, so the functions of home appliances is really better? Here’s the question. Only do addition, can let you have the difficult choice of small personal feel not do subtraction products is not a particularly good product, a taste of all the functions are stuffed into a product, not only will greatly increase the cost of learning users, and many people may end up in a few samples, each using the same product have to think in the end what analysis option by what mode, the setting up, this is really too tired. Many of the features such as small series electric cooker bought the electric cooker, can cook fish, poultry soup, pork ribs soup, beef broth, dessert, tonic, cereals porridge, porridge for the baby, there are eight options, to see so many functions of the first, I think the first one is the soup which, if four options for your soup are not on the list above, how to choose? This is really confusing, as for these desserts, more people don’t get it. May the essential differences between these modes in different frequency and power heating, rather than directly to get a low high school three stalls, allowing users to determine how much they need "firepower" to cook you want to cook something. The function of the washing machine in addition to many small examples of the electric cooker, in fact, now many home appliances are constantly add, regardless of you do not use, many manufacturers to function if they can do to the product, let you buy time, think the function of the product is very rich, and can take care of all consumer demand. Consumers in the purchase of the time will feel no matter how to use the first, there are always these features may be used, the function looks like a win-win thing. The oven function but many more functions, for young users, they have to understand how to use these thoughts, and to the family elders, they are also very likely to touch through. Not much more easy to use the function of | not love elders complex function entry-level product function is not much, but why buy now easier to use home appliances most many functions? May be you buy appliances are high-end. First of all high-end products, the price is not cheap, and consumers think they pay so much money to buy back the product should be more powerful. So manufacturers will naturally consider more features into more expensive products. And some ordinary home appliances, but not with that相关的主题文章: