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The first class was born in Valencia officially announced the exploits of Spanish class Sohu sports bat army officially announced the Beijing time   class meritorious; September 21st morning, Valencia officially announced that due to bad results, formally dismissed Ayesteran, became coach of the first class this season in La Liga. The Spanish media, Argentina legend Mario Kempes may become Valencia’s new coach. The 53 year old Ayesteran at the end of last season to replace Gary Neville as Valencia coach, although once upset victory over Barcelona, but the result is not good, 13 games coached only 3 victories, losing 9 games. The new season, Valencia road was lost, the League started four successive defeats, the bottom of the table; Valencia’s official website said, after careful consideration, the dismissal of Ayesteran, this is the second time he left the bat regiment; before Strong Ndiaye had been working in Valencia from 2001 to 2014 served as assistant coach Benitez, during the sweep of the bat two league titles and the UEFA cup. Because of Valencia’s bad record, said in an interview before the legend Mario Kempes, at the club’s call, he currently serves as ambassador in valencia. Mario Kempes is 62 years old, the age of the players considerable fame, Argentina international, 1978 World Cup and scored 6 goals to win the golden boot, the first time to help Argentina win the world cup. Mario Kempes has twice played for Valencia, the first in 1976 to 1981, second in 1982 to 1984, two times total effectiveness of bat regiment 244 appearances, scored 149 goals, including two season scoring 39 goals and 33 times, is one of the greatest scorer in the history of Valencia. Mario ‘s outstanding performance helped Valencia win three trophies, including a king’s cup, a European Cup winner and a European Super cup. It is worth mentioning that Valencia also has other goals, former Rome coach Garcia, former Inter Milan coach Mancini, former coach Capallos Granada and former Lisbon athletics coach Marcos – Silva also is a potential candidate for coach. (nineteen)相关的主题文章: