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The exposure Changchun illegally built buildings after new owners: a deal with a Sohu news new culture news "Changchun urban redevelopment project a few months ago the demolition of illegal construction’s resurgence……" On the evening of 20, there are users in Post Bar in Changchun broke the news, Dandong road Dandong road is located in the market just rectification soon, there are some Sidaluanjian color room. The users also released a few pictures, you can see from the picture, the market on both sides of a new white color room. Site: the whole business has illegally built room of Dandong road is currently in the transformation of the old city, some of the "three small" building originally along the street have been removed. 21 days, reporters along Dandong route east to West walk about 300 meters, users reflect the illegally found in Dandong on the south side of the road. The road in Dandong railway area 11 buildings and 7 houses, about 10 have been built up the color room, in addition to color outside the room, and put up with the simple plastic shed. These illegal structures built on both sides of the road in the District, has been to the south side of Hangzhou road. The new building of illegal buildings are mostly used to "do business", which has two color room business "spicy boiled string", there is a fruit stalls, at the same time there are several color room although already completed, but also does not operate in the vicinity of the door, room is attached to the leasing telephone. With the simple plastic shed, there are two sell dry cargo of children, there is a sell cold roast. In addition to those already set up the color room, and some businesses are built. In the Railway District 7, the first floor of the location of a merchant has been supporting the framework at the door, a worker is holding a welding busy…… Operator: a deal with a reporter immediately, into a business "spicy Shabu on" color room, the room temperature is very low, a few of the customers are around in front of the stove and eat Shabu series. According to the operators introduced, Caigang room first built her a few days. "Before this is Dandong Road market this year, the transformation of the old city, the road of the room were removed, the market also to the ban, merchants have to go about." The operator said, she had a plastic tent, but because the weather is too cold, they built a room. "First to deal with a winter, if there is a tube, then remove it." Operators guess, because winter comes, the transformation of the old city is also close to the end, so she chose to risk housing, even if the demolition, but also to wait until the next spring, it is a burst of." Who lives in the railway district residents Mr. Sun told reporters, in the past Dandong Road market color room into the film, "we travel is not easy, and the community in downtown, May when dismantled, now do not know how, and are built up." To build a Caigang room in the District, Mr. Sun said he did not agree with. This is the inside, even if there is a market, it should not be in the district ah." Mr. Sun said. Community: rectification notice will be issued for the matter, the reporter contacted the community Secretary Zhang Long East Road, said Zhang Long, Dandong Road market in the old city before the project was banned. Now the transformation of the district has not yet formed.相关的主题文章: