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The children’s drama play "Diablo"? A "time" forest adventure entertainment Sohu – September 9th to 11, as the sixth China children’s Theatre Festival Closing Chinese drama, children’s Art Theatre original magic realism children’s drama "forest" staged in time Chinese children’s Theatre, the drama with a wonderful, magical adventure led and friends the children together to explore the meaning of life and time. Different from ordinary children’s drama, this time the creation not only conforms to the National Theatre artistic level, and the overall visual style "Diablo" also make eyes, as if seen in the Hollywood cartoon blockbusters in order to visual effects, through the stage technique appeared in the eyes. This time children understand magic story auxiliary is a magical fantasy forest, strange and funny time and life here, there are memories of the car, a time trial, there are worrying Lane disappear…… "Forest" time of creation, different from the people in those with both cognitive and lively scene bright "children’s play" mode, but through the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style, interpretation of the "time" and "life", let the children more easily understand the abstract noun, also let the adults think philosophical proposition. The play, most of the action takes place in the fictional fantasy forest, in the infinite can lead to divergent thinking and imagination of "lost time firm", "memories of the car", "time trial", "lost lane" magic of the virtual space, so that the size of the audience feel the passage of time, see are placed in time love, neglected time and people around currentreference social rhythm society in a hurry. As the director of the time forest, Jiao Gang said, a good drama, will be able to lead the audience from the immediate appreciation, into the visual and spiritual experience. Just like "time forest", it provides the children with more and more comprehensive possibilities to understand the world, not the world described by adults. Coke just stressed in their creation, never underestimate the child’s understanding and imagination, profound poetic proposition stage show and discussion, will give children more imagination and allow them to get more power to explore. As a parent, this expression will have its own sentiment, which is the creation of the drama of time forest. The dark stage gives more imagination "time" magic forest "" not only reflected in the plot design a powerful and unconstrained style on stage art design is also an important part of. This time China Eryi continue to make good use of the stage space make the imagination stage designer Feng Lei featuring the young. Prior to his participation in the creation of the "treasure ship", "absolute child" have been the size of the audience alike. The new creation, the idea is more bold. To "new", "strange", "magic" as the theme to create a dark style, once again let a person shine. The heavy gray and blue to create a hazy and depressed environment, even to the death of the Gothic forest artistic conception, both retro and fantasy. Feng Lei said, in his opinion, the children’s drama creation should not be limited to amuse the children or just for kids, like some young and old films, children.相关的主题文章: