The central bank on Friday 40 billion reverse repurchase net return of $420 billion 100 million this candy candy

The central bank on Friday 40 billion repurchase net return of 420 billion 100 million this week according to market sources, the central bank on Friday (September 30th) to 30 billion yuan for 14 days, 10 billion yuan 28 day repurchase, the day of the open market 90 billion yuan reverse repurchase expires, the single day to achieve a net return of funds 50 billion yuan. Overall, this week the open market to achieve a net return of 420 billion 100 million yuan of funds. Market participants pointed out that this week, quarter assessment, holiday factors, superposition of open market continued net return, resulting in funds face short-term pressure, overnight bank repo rate and 7 days were significantly upward, but the overall market is expected to remain stable at the same time, from the funds rate, the end of the season with the tax paid and quasi MPA assessment into the impact the end of the holidays approaching, trading funds face tends to be light, show the phenomenon of early warming. But taking into account after the expiration of the volume of funds is still large, the festival will face the prospective payment factors, during the long holiday overseas market volatility and other factors, the parties to the current market liquidity is expected after the holiday is still hardly optimistic. On Thursday, the inter-bank money market, although the day of the open market again net capital return, cross national day holiday period of the funds demand is still strong, but each term funds rate overall zhangdiehuxian, no tension rose across the board. On the same day overnight between banks, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days and a period of 1 months pledged repo weighted average interest rate (deposit institutions) were 2.27%, 2.75%, 3.16%, and 2.81%. Compared to the previous trading day, overnight varieties fell 3 basis points, respectively, for the 7 and the 14 day rose by 12 and 23 basis points, respectively, for the 21 and the 1 month varieties fell sharply by 21 and. Everbright Securities believes that the volatility of the financial side of this week, there are three main reasons: first, at present, in the end of the season, and will usher in the "ten? A long holiday, so the bank will set aside a large number of reserves. Prepared to pay the rise, the corresponding amount of capital is a financial decline, the result is tight market funds. Second, the end of the existence of MPA assessment of the problem, the bank in order to meet the requirements of macro Prudential Management, non bank institutions to melt the money will decline. Third, some traders are not allowed to grasp the amount of operations, so there will be deviations in the amount reported. In fact, if only the first two factors caused by financial constraints, then the tension will soon ease. Although before the capital side stability is basically a foregone conclusion, but the parties to the market liquidity is expected after the holiday is still hardly optimistic. Such as CRE Securities pointed out that the festival funds face is still not too optimistic. First of all, after the expiration of the volume of funds is still large. At present, two weeks ago after the open market repurchase maturity amount reached 945 billion yuan, plus 391 billion 500 million yuan MLF maturity, total amount due to 13365 yuan. Secondly, the festival will face prospective payment factors. According to the historical average, the size of the quasi paid about 100 billion yuan. Again, the overseas market fluctuations during the holidays. Due to the overseas market during the national day city, in the case of devaluation pressure is still large, fluctuations in overseas markets may increase the theory of funds相关的主题文章: