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The capital city in August housing prices ranking: average housing prices in Nanning 7196 yuan square meters of contemporary life daily news (reporter correspondent Liao Yanming Tang Chizhen) recently, the real estate market and the "overheating" situation has the nerve of social tensions, last month the amount of price rising, the market almost out of control. China’s real estate market platform recently announced the August 31 provincial cities (including the city of 4) of residential housing prices, the average price of more than 10 thousand yuan in the capital city of the province of more than 11 yuan. The most surprising is that the top 10 times in Beijing and Yinchuan prices reached the bottom, between Beijing and Yinchuan 1 suites, 1 toilets, is synonymous. Data from a wide range of data show that this year, the family housing transaction leverage, mortgage repayment burden ratio, developers and corporate debt loans and debt ratio are at historic highs. And all this is also the achievement of today’s leveraged property market. "Madness is not explained, you can participate, but you must understand that you are gambling, not investing." Deputy director of the National School of Administration decision consulting Wang Xiaoguang bluntly: "now a second tier city housing prices are" irrational "rise, so-called" investment property "is a" knife "." The price gap between []  Shanghai housing prices in Guangzhou miss half of Beijing topped the residential average price per square meter up to 48847 yuan. Followed by Shanghai, the average price of 44750 yuan. Nanjing is the second city "Rose constantly" leader of the city, a substantial proportion of housing prices rose to 28.95%, ahead of Guangzhou as the national average Pyramid runner up, and the price is ranked third in the country. Nanjing currently up to 22428 yuan per square meter. The capital city is the only city in second tier provincial price break "20 thousand", the price momentum is astounding. In recent years, due to the regional economic development gap, inventory, land prices, real estate and other factors, the 123 line of the city’s real estate market differentiation serious, these have been fully demonstrated the price. The same as the first tier cities, the current average price of Guangzhou is only half of Beijing, Shanghai, a large gap of 2 yuan. The gap between the second tier cities is more than the imagination, with the second tier cities, Changchun average price of 6 thousand yuan +. Nanjing is the average price of 20 thousand +, which is more than the former more than 3 times. But the most surprising is that 31 of the capital city of Beijing and the price list at the top of the Yinchuan, the average price of residential compared gap up to 10 times more than Beijing, the average price is 48847 yuan square meters, Yinchuan average price is 5025 yuan square meters, at present most of Beijing’s 100 square meters of the three bedroom, 5 square meters in the bathroom (some two Wei). It is estimated that Beijing is a bathroom for the price of 250 thousand, while Yinchuan is a house of 50 square meters, valuation in 250 thousand, that is to say, the purchase of a bathroom in Beijing (toilet) price in Yinchuan can easily buy a 50 square meter house. The valuation of this time, only on the average price, the current has entered the luxury market in Beijing, the average price of 100 thousand +, + 200 thousand of the new residential is not a minority. Exaggeration to say, "相关的主题文章: