The brutal cold to shanghai! Shanghai people do the winter preparation!

The brutal cold to shanghai! Shanghai people do the winter preparation! Source: alyjm021 Shanghai Allah house girl heavy rain modunannan integrated editor for a few days until finally today the sun also made an appearance slightly blue goose! Shanghai people! It’s raining again next week! Next week is also full of rain in Shanghai this day it is leaking well, will begin in a few days the flower head almost small after! This flower is very thick, very transparent! Through the sinister ah ~ ~ ~ first to talk about the transformation of the hot and cold air after the typhoon hippocampus disappeared, a direct impact on the disappearance of the original was forced to take the subtropical high of the hippocampus will re occupy the highlands! Please forgive me ", the picture below is the original long entrenched subtropical high, will now come back again, although the strength is not, still in Shanghai will bring high temperature for several days. From the beginning of next Monday, the temperature will rise significantly, although the rain is still there, but basically no heavy rain, but the temperature rise is very obvious! Will return to 26 ~ 27 degrees, with the rainy weather, will be very hot and humid, uncomfortable. It is awfully dead, there was even a Huangmei day feeling. Basically everyone will dress shorts. Give your temperature, let everyone still summer dress, closet or short sleeved summer pants ah, or the like, but! Start on Friday! This situation will become very subtle! Direct a cold hit you be taken by surprise! As usual, please look at the soul of paintings…… Where is this cold wave? Siberia! Over the years, usually cold down is to have a process, for a period of time, and may even fight the original ridge, under the rain for a while or for a few days and transition. But this cold air is very sinister! Mainly due to the circulation of the hippocampus to some extent, the cold air sucked! On the map we can see, the subtropical high will be completely defeated! Not only Shanghai, the country will be the brutal cold effect! How insidious? How cruel? It is possible that the day will drop several degrees during the day and night! But if you don’t know this news, or even the late summer early autumn on dress words…… Just wait for a cold…… This cold wave will be very proud of laughter ~ ~ don’t think this cold wave did not like what. At present, China’s Inner Mongolia region has emerged its brutal figure, to see how powerful it! See not? Now in eastern Inner Mongolia, much of the temperature has dropped to -20 degrees Celsius, the temperature in the town only Genhe City, -24.8 C. The Middle East is snow, the temperature will continue to decline at 4-10. Although we are still warm as in spring, but the North has heavy snow! So do not underestimate this cold wave! Menacing classmates ah! It must be on this matter as clear as noonday clearly, otherwise go to the hospital to yo ~ ~ but I expect what time? According to the latest information, the fastest next Friday to six or so, that is, October to 28 ~ 29, the temperature will gradually decline, the minimum temperature will quickly fell below the temperature of 15! And by the month.相关的主题文章: