The British Labour party election Corbin won re-election in the new

The British Labour party election Corbin won re-election – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, London (reporter Liang Xizhi) in September 24, the UK’s largest opposition Labour Party held 24 leader election, the incumbent leader Jeremy? Corbin overwhelmingly won the election, re-election. The election only two candidates to participate in the competition, Corbin with 61.8% of the vote easily defeating challenger Erwin? Smith, over his last leader election won 59.8% of the vote. In his victory speech, Corbin called on the Labour Party to remain united and urged all labour party members and MPs to work together to defeat the conservative government led by Prime Minister Teresa. He pointed out that the conservative government in the United Kingdom in the face of "taking off Europe," the historic challenge to choose the moment of hesitation and retrogression, damage the interests of the country. The 67 year old Corbin has attacked the school’s education reform plan, which he says has led to a division and destruction. He said the labor party will organize demonstrations next week, asking the government to publish a more inclusive education program. "Since the June referendum decision from Europe since disagreements within the Labour Party, Corbin referred to in the process of effort before canvassing. For a long time, Corbin has been critical of the EU, is considered to be the most suspected of Europe, the labor leader. A large number of labour shadow cabinet members of the Corbin deal with the removal of the euro referendum dissatisfaction and resigned, the party intensified contradictions. In June 28th, Labour MPs by 172 votes to 40 votes majority passed a motion of no confidence against Corbin, urged him to resign as party leader post, but Corbin refused to resign. The labour party then decided to re-election of the leader. Corbin after winning the election to Labour MPs had opposed his olive branch, said the Labour Party consensus than differences, should let bygones be bygones. From now on, as a party struggle together. He declared that the Labour Party will win the next election, and called on all Party members and supporters to join hands to bring real change to the United kingdom.相关的主题文章: